Do you need a Virtual Office? Get your Virtual Mailbox with a real physical address today for $20/month

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Flat Rate Pricing with no additional fees for extra mail or pages scans.

Digital Mailbox - keep your mail in one place!

Our Virtual Mailbox service is an easy, modern, and affordable option for individuals and companies that want to be on top of their mailing system.

When you sign up, you’ll get a physical address for your mail. We’ll scan your physical mail and upload it to your personalized dashboard.

How does Virtual Mailbox
for LLC


Create Your Account

Register your account. It takes a few minutes only. Use this account to access your dashboard.


Choose your Virtual Mailbox Location

Choose one of our physical locations as your new postal mailing address.


Choose your Plan and Make a Payment

We offer simple pricing with unlimited mail and unlimited scans. Our only plan options are the number of recipients you will need for your digital mailbox.


Upload your postal authorization form

The USPS requires us to get an authorization form from you to receive documents and parcels on your behalf. This form must be notarized, but luckily, we can provide the notary service for your document, all within our simple dashboard.



We have everything we need to set up your digital mailbox.

Once everything is confirmed, you’ll get a notification from us, and you can log in and begin using your mailbox right away.

You can keep the documents stored in our dashboard securely, download, or print them.

Choose Your Vitual Mailbox Package

Choose Your Vitual Mailbox Package


$20/MO (billed annually)
Choose Your Vitual Mailbox Package


$30/MO (billed annually)


$65/MO (billed annually)

Who should use our mailbox service?

Is mail preventing you from becoming a nomad and fulfilling your travel dreams? Pack your suitcase, because we have a solution for you. Our services will cater to the needs of all digital nomads from across the world.

Do you not need or want a physical location for your business? We’ll take care of the admin work at one of our offices while keeping things simple and smooth for your business.

Forwarding mail abroad is expensive, takes time, and a bunch of your parcels can get lost in the process. We’re your easiest and most affordable option.

Our flexible contracts mean you can only use our service when you’re away and cancel when you’re back. No hidden fees or small print.

Why Get a Virtual Mailbox for
Yourself or your Company

Save Money

This is the budget-friendly forwarding service. Our prices start at $20/ per month and allow you to access your mail worldwide. No extra fees for extra mail or extra scans.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Enjoy your freedom with our forwarding service. You can go through mail from your dashboard 24/7 from anywhere in the world. If you need to receive a document or a package, we can forward it to you anywhere in the world for the cost of the postage.

Any Device

Our dashboard is accessible from laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. You don’t need fancy equipment or complicated software.


We secure our physical location as well as our cyberspace. In fact, your mail is safer inside our servers than in the physical location where it could get lost or damaged.


By going digital, instead of forwarding your physical mail, you’re contributing to reducing pollution. This is a great way to go green!

Top Quality Service

We’re light years ahead of the competitors. Our dashboard, variety of services, prices, customer service, security, and reliability are top-notch. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best service at an even better price.


Switch to an online mailing system

Create your own online mail dashboard and digitize your postal mail today.

We’re the only provider on the market to offer you a modern, streamlined, and integrated service. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

A virtual mailbox is all you’ll ever need

Imagine a mailbox you can command to scan and open your mail. Wouldn’t that be great? This is the best way to keep your mail stored in one place, where you can access it anytime you want. You don’t need to have a mailing address to use our services.

Sign up, and we will ensure you have a permanent US mailing address. Our team will let you know as soon as we receive your package or mail by logging them into your digital mailbox. You can choose to have all your mail opened and scanned automatically or go through this process individually. Welcome to the future of mailing service!

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