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Advantages Of Selling On Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

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Are you interested in selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces but are not sure if it’s worth the hassle? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the vast array of advantages to taking the plunge and pulling the trigger on the move to selling on more than one marketplace. 

As of 2023, Amazon is available on 234 countries, which means there’s a whole world of opportunity out there. If you’ve only been seeing on Amazon US, then your brand could be missing out on some key sales on other Amazon marketplaces. 

Continue reading to learn more about the several advantages of selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces. 

Less Competition

Are you feeling like there is too much competition in your product category on the current Amazon marketplace? Then you should consider selling on other ones to increase the number of customers your business can access. 

Amazon US has the largest number of private label sellers in any marketplace. Therefore, when moving to any of the less popular ones, you’ll find that fewer competitors will try to beat you for sales. 

However, you’ll still need to research the state of the competition of a product category you’ll enter on a different Amazon marketplace. You’ll be surprised by the opportunity out there in some countries. 

Sell From Almost Anywhere

Amazon allows you to sell in a different country than you reside in, and the list of accepted countries is huge. By taking advantage of Amazon FBA services, you can send your stock to warehouses in the country where you plan to sell, and that simplifies the process of getting started. 

However, the quality and cost of Amazon FBA services differ in each country, so you should take that into account before starting to sell. You’ll typically need to verify your account when opening your professional Amazon sellers account. But, getting accepted to additional marketplaces has less friction. 

More Customers

Are you dominating the Amazon marketplace of your current country? Then it might be easier to get new customers by branching out to new marketplaces. When reaching a plateau in your currency market, there’s no point in trying too hard to get extra sales when many more can be generated for less effort elsewhere. 

You should even consider entering Amazon marketplaces that are relatively new, but have a massive population. Amazon India is an example that is projected to grow massively during the next decade. 

Increase Diversity 

By adding more Amazon marketplaces to your brand, it increases the diversity of your business. Here’s a few reasons why this is a good thing:

  • Exit price: Amazon business buyers are looking for accounts that have as much diversity as possible since it leads to stability. Therefore, by selling on more than one marketplace, you’ll increase the value of your business when you choose to sell. 
  • New challenge: are you feeling bored after dominating the product categories on your current Amazon marketplace? Then spreading out to other marketplaces will provide new challenges, such as having to translate the content. 
  • Sales stability: if your sales are coming from multiple sources, then you’ll have more stability in sales. For example, if the sales in one market slow down, then you can continue to receive sales from the other. 
  • Competitor analysis: when you’re plugged into and researching more markets, you may spot competitors doing something new. Hence, you can apply what you find in one market to others in the hopes of improving your products. 
  • Avoid trends: trends are part of e-commerce, and they can negatively affect your business when you’re facing a downward trend. However, the impact of negative trends is much smaller when you are active in more marketplaces. 
  • Rules and regulation: the rules for each Amazon marketplace are different since they reflect the host country. You may find that your product becomes banned or has big legal problems in one country, while those problems don’t exist in others. 

Increase Brand Awareness

By being active in more Amazon marketplaces, you’ll end up increasing your brand awareness. Therefore, instead of being a national brand, you’ll go global, which can dramatically increase sales. In fact, you may find that your products are far more popular abroad than in your home country. 

As a result of launching your products in different countries, your fame may grow even more at home. Consequently, your brand goes viral and has more respect in the marketplace. That’s a solid approach to building a business for the long term. 

Amazon marketplaces
Amazon marketplaces

Top Things to Consider When Selling on Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

Now that you understand the advantages of selling on multiple marketplaces let’s consider the top tips you should think about when doing so:

  • Translation services: if the language of the new Amazon platform is not English, then you will need to hire translation services. This is important to ensure that the customer service and product packaging are available in the platform’s native language. 
  • Taxes: make sure to understand the taxes of the new country where you’re selling. You may find that the taxes are much higher or lower, so you’ll need to create new profit calculations. 
  • Rules and regulations: look into the rules and regulations of the new Amazon marketplace to ensure there’s no need to make big changes to your product or packages. If there’s changes that need to be made, then implement it before the products leave the factory. 
  • Market research: you’ll need to do market research for your product category all over again to ensure the demand is still there. Also, look for what competitors are doing so that you can stand out and keep up. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces is a no-brainer since there’s a lot of upside, such as more sales and increasing your exit sale price. However, you must first understand how to sell successfully on one platform before expanding. 

Also, you should consider the tax considerations and other rules. This ensures you can hit the ground running without running into trouble while you enjoy your Amazon expansion. 

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