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Do You Have to Put LLC in Your Business Name

do you have to put llc in your business name

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Are you wondering, do you have to put LLC in your business name? It depends on the state, and you have several versions of LLC to choose from. In this article, we’ll share what considerations you should make regarding your business name. 

Ideally, you should consider the laws in the state you registered the LLC, and the customer’s perspective. Also, there are several advantages to having LLC in your business name. 

Is LLC Required in Business Name?

The LLC inclusion in your business name requirements varies across the 50 states. Therefore, you need to search for your state and look up the details. For example, when registering an LLC in California, you need to adhere to the state’s naming requirements. This means your business name needs to contain the word Limited Liability Company, LLC, or L.L.C. 

Therefore, when wondering, do I have to put LLC on everything, check the local laws. If you’re still unsure, consider contacting a business lawyer that can guide you to a legal business name.

Should I Include LLC In My Business Name?

When you register an LLC in a state that doesn’t require its identification in the business name, you have a choice to make. Here are some of the top points for consideration:

  • Shorter business name: Omitting LLC from your business name makes it shorter. This could potentially be easier for branding and also make it more memorable. 
  • Continuity: If your business is multiple years old, then you may want to omit the words Limited Liability Company to avoid making a change. 
  • Inform your customers: Adding LLC to the business name informs your customers that you have registered as an LLC. This may improve your reputation and authority in your marketplace. 

What Are the Different Versions of LLC

There are multiple versions of LLC that you can add to your business name. This gives you some freedom over how it’s expressed, and you can mix and match in different scenarios. Here are the different LLC naming conventions:

  • LLC
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Liability
  • L.L.C.
  • L.C.
  • LC.
  • Ltd. Liability Co. 

However, not every naming convention is accepted in all 50 states. Therefore, you need to research the allowed naming convention in your state when wondering how to use LLC names. 

do you have to put llc in your business name

General LLC Naming Rules to Consider

Now let’s turn our attention to the LLC naming rules to consider. This will guide you toward choosing a business name that’s legal and consider a wider range of implications. 

  • Your business name cannot falsely suggest/reference state or federal government bodies. This includes the Department of Revenue, police, FDA, FBI, CIA, and more. 
  • You cannot misuse identifiers like “Corporate”, “Limited Liability Company”, or “Incorporated”, when it isn’t one. 
  • Without the relevant licensing, you cannot use words like Doctor, CPA, or Engineer. 
  • You cannot imply illegal activity with your business name. 
  • The word “Olympic” cannot be used or other trademarks of the International Olympics Committee (IOC).
  • The language of your business name cannot promote abuse, be obscene or discriminatory. 
  • You cannot choose an LLC business name that’s the same or similar to another one in your state. 

How to Register a Name When Applying for an LLC

When you choose a name for your incorporated business, it’s important to do an LLC name search. Make sure to run the name search using the official website of the state where you’re registering. This ensures that you get the correct information for your application. 

Did you find a name that you don’t want to register an LLC right now? Then you can use the LLC name reservation feature, which comes with a cost. This will reserve your LLC name for up to 30 days, and you can usually repeat this process multiple times. 

When applying for an LLC, it can be tricky to figure out how to complete the process. This includes submitting the Articles of Organization and getting a registered agent. Do you want a shortcut for this process? Then consider using the business registration services here at Business Anywhere. We can help every step of the way to ensure you finish the process fast and at a competitive price. 

How to Pick the Right Name for Your LLC

Are you stuck picking the right name for your LLC? We’ll help you make the right considerations so you can select the LLC name that’s the best match for your business:

  • Branding: You need to consider your business name from a branding perspective. It should stand out in your market but also be catchy so it’s easily remembered by potential buyers. Keeping it short usually helps, but also limits how creative you can get with the name. 
  • Descriptive: Consider taking the descriptive approach where the business name somewhat describes the market you’re selling in. This allows customers to quickly assess the relevance of your business name. 
  • Don’t copy competitors: Avoid copying your competitors since that’s in bad taste, and your target audience will notice. Also, if your name is too similar to a competitor, then it might get rejected when registering your LLC. Therefore, it’s important to run a name search when choosing your name. 
  • Avoid your own name: Some of you might be tempted to use your own name for the business. However, it doesn’t communicate much to the customer. Instead, think of something creative that adds more impact. 

Do You Have to Put LLC in Your Business Name Final Thoughts

To conclude, many states require that you put LLC in the business name, but not all of them. Hence, it’s a good idea to check when registering your LLC. Also, it’s good practice to put LLC in your business name to inform customers. You can choose from multiple LLC naming conventions to find the right match. 

Do you want to register an LLC right now and complete the process within a few days? Then take advantage of the services here at Business Anywhere. We specialize in business registration services that help you overcome any obstacles.  

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