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Does Mail Forwarding Work for Packages?

Does Mail Forwarding Work for Packages

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In 2021, the American parcel volume grew by 6%, reaching a record high of 21.5 billion. We love ordering things online, especially when the pandemic happened and retail stores had to close temporarily.

Now that things are going back to normal, our package ordering habits haven’t changed. It’s just too convenient to shop from home.

However, our busy lives take us away from our houses, which can be problematic if there are deals that are too good to miss out on.

You can have your mail forwarded, but does mail forwarding work for packages too? Keep reading to find out.


Does Mail Forwarding Work for Packages?

Yes, mail forwarding definitely works for packages. However, not every mail forwarding company will accept all sizes and weights, so you need to be careful and read the fine print before you pay for the service. 

Ask them, “when you forward mail, does that include packages,” and they should give you a straightforward answer. If not, then that’s a red flag, and you should look elsewhere for a company to entrust your packages with.

Does USPS Forward Packages?

Yes, USPS does forward packages. 

If you’ve used premium shipping services, then you’ll get your mail forwarded for free. These include:

  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • First-Class Package

If you’ve used Media Mail or USPS Retail Ground, you can also get your packages forwarded. However, you’ll have to pay for the shipping costs.

As for USPS Marketing Mail, unfortunately, you can’t get this type of mail forwarded.

USPS can start forwarding your mail as early as within 3 business days of your submitted request. But to be on the safe side, you should give it at least 2 weeks if you’re using USPS’s forwarding services.

Do note that you’ll have to pay a small identity verification fee. Also, the mail forwarding services aren’t permanent. Standard mail forwarding lasts 12 months, but you can pay to extend it by 6, 12, or 18 months (the max).

If you want to stop the extended mail forwarding services before the time’s up, this isn’t possible. You can’t request a refund either, which can be frustrating if your circumstances change.

Once the period ends, any mail that’s still sent to your old address will be sent back to the senders for 6 months. USPS will attach a label with your new address.

Other related services you can get from the USPS include Premium Forwarding Service and USPS Hold Mail Service.


How Does Mail Forwarding Work for Packages?

To get mail forwarding for your packages, you’ll need to get a virtual mailbox. The business will supply you with a physical address you can use to put on shipping forms. As a bonus advantage, you can also get your regular mail, and even use this as a business address for your company if you have one.

Even packages can be forwarded
Even packages can be forwarded

Signing Up for a Virtual Mailbox

Take a look around the internet to see what services are available to you. Take this opportunity to check the forwarding company’s reputation. They’ll be handling your mail, after all, so you want someone trustworthy and reliable, like Business Anywhere.

Once you’ve decided on a site, you can then sign up with your full name, email address, and password. Keep this information somewhere safe since they’re your login details.


Pick a Virtual Mailbox Address

There are certain business benefits if you choose addresses in certain states. 45 states have internet sales taxes, so keep this in mind.

Some mail forwarding companies specialize in only a few places as well. For example, we at Business Anywhere have physical addresses in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Otherwise, if you’re signing up for personal use, just pick a location that you like.


Select a Plan

It’s nice to have choices, especially if you don’t have a large budget. Plus, it offers more flexibility if your needs change with time.

If you choose Business Anywhere, you’ll get unlimited mail and scans, no matter which plan you pick. The only difference is how many recipients will get access to the mail.


Fill Out the Postal Authorization Form

You’ll need to give the mail forwarding company formal permission to receive, open, and send out your packages. Otherwise, they’re committing a serious federal crime.

Fill out the postal authorization form from USPS, and we can notarize it for you at a reasonable price. This saves you the extra step of finding a local notary and paying an expensive fee.


Set Up Package Forwarding

After the postal authorization form’s processed, you can start using our package forwarding service.

Log in to the dashboard and you can input which address you want your packages sent to. What’s great is if you’re living a nomadic lifestyle, you can keep updating the address as many times as you want.

This service includes mail forwarding too. You don’t necessarily have to get it sent to you either.

Our dashboard allows you to open, forward, archive, shred, or recycle mail. We’ll also take care of junk mail so you won’t see that at all.

As for your regular mail, we’ll take every precaution to keep your sensitive details safe, both offline and online. We’ll scan the pieces and upload them in encrypted files, as we take security very seriously.

Usually, we’ll upload your mail within 3 days of receiving it. Your packages may take a little longer, depending on where you are in the world.


Get Mail Forwarding for Better Convenience

Now you know the answer to the question, “does mail forwarding work for packages?”

While USPS can forward your mail and packages, it’s much better to get a virtual mailbox. USPS only offers a forwarding maximum of 18 months, so it’s only intended as a temporary measure.

To ensure you get your mail and packages wherever you go, and for as long as you want, it’s best to have Business Anywhere take care of mail forwarding packages. We’ve got affordable prices and monthly plans so you get great flexibility!

To forward your packages reliably, sign up for a virtual mailbox now.

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