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How Long Does It Take To Form an LLC in New York?

Timeframe for New York LLC Formation: How Long Does It Take

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How long does it take to form an LLC in New York is a common question among new entrepreneurs looking to establish an entity in the state.

Limited liability company owners can file formation papers in person, by mail, or online in New York. Each method has different processing times and could take six to eight weeks.

Are you a new entrepreneur seeking how long does it take to form an LLC in New York? Join us as we discuss the processing times and associated fees. Let’s get started.

New York LLC Processing Time

The processing time for a limited liability company in New York LLC is when it takes the Secretary of State to review and approve the entity’s articles of incorporation.

LLC owners can file formation papers in person, by mail, or online in New York. Additionally, expedited service options like BusinessAnywhere Company Formation Service exist for entrepreneurs seeking quick approval.

Let’s describe each New York LLC processing times and filing method:

Online Filings

Entrepreneurs seeking to establish a limited liability company in New York can apply online by visiting the Secretary of State or Division of Corporations filing system portal.

Your next step is creating a user profile with an email and logging in with your information, including your password. Scroll to the business services section, choose “Domestic Limited Liability Company,” and select the Articles of Organization.

Complete the business details and finish the process by paying the state fees. One of the benefits of an LLC in NY is the all-online order processing that takes seven business days.

Mail Filings

Mail filing is excellent for entrepreneurs willing to provide their articles of incorporation in paper forms. Entrepreneurs can download the articles of the organization in PDF format online via the Secretary of State’s website, fill in all sections, and print.

Before submitting the form, include the Secretary of State’s Address and jurisdiction fees on the envelope.

In-Person Filings

In-person filings are perfect for foreign and domestic limited liability company managers seeking to hand-deliver the articles of organization to the state. After downloading the registration papers, fill out each section and sign where necessary.

You can submit the forms for an NY LLC at the Secretary of State’s office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during business hours.

Fax Filings

The New York Department of State allows entrepreneurs and business owners to fax limited liability company formation documents. After completing the details with accurate information, fax the forms to the State Records, Division of Corporations, and Uniform Commercial Code at (518) 474-1418.

Forming an LLC in New York Takes How Long?

Establishing an LLC in New York usually takes up to 7 business days for online registration and 6-8 weeks for processing time by mail. The Department of State also offers entrepreneurs expedited shipping services for document registration at an extra fee.

Steps to Start an LLC in New York

Selecting a name, choosing a registered agent, and filing the articles of organization are your first steps. Publication, obtaining an employee identification number, and creating an operating agreement are also crucial. Are you thinking about how to start an LLC in NY for free? Let’s dig into the details:

1.      Choose a Name

Select a unique name for the limited liability company and ensure it complies with the naming rules for New York State. Your word combination should include “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company.”

Consider checking your chosen name availability on the New York Department of State’s website before seeking approval.

2.      Choose a Registered Agent.

After choosing a name for your limited liability company, consider designating a registered agent to receive legal documents. Select a professional or a business entity authorized to operate in New York.

3.      File Articles of Organization

Prepare and file the Articles of Organization for your company with the New York Department of State. Entrepreneurs can accomplish this task online by applying via the Department of State’s website.

You must provide vital information about the entity, such as management structure, registered agent, address, and name.

4.      Publication Requirement

How to get an LLC in NY? Entrepreneurs must fulfil the state’s unique publication requirement to successfully establish a limited liability company. Publish a notice of the entity in two newspapers for six weeks in the business’s jurisdiction. Besides, you should file a Certificate of Publication with the state.

5.      Obtain an EIN

After fulfilling the publication requirement, entrepreneurs must obtain an employer identification number. If the limited liability company has employees or multiple members, obtain an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service. You’ll need it to open a business bank account for tax purposes.

6.      Create an Operating Agreement

Although New York State doesn’t require LLC owners to have an operating agreement, it’s advisable to create this document as it outlines the limited liability company’s operating procedures, management responsibilities, and ownership structure.

7.      Comply with Business Licenses and Permits

Based on their NY LLC formation activities, entrepreneurs should obtain the required permits and licenses at the federal, state, and local levels.

8.      Create a Bank Account

After getting the permits and licenses, consider opening a business bank account for your entity in New York.

9.      Apply for Premium Business Insurance.

Your next step is applying for premium business insurance for financial and legal coverage throughout the limited liability company term.

10.  File an LLC Annual Report.

Consider filing a limited liability company annual report by June 30 to prevent legal disputes or penalties.


After providing answers to the question “How long does it take to form an LLC in New York,” it’s advisable to pay the fees associated with forming a limited liability company in the state.

Consider keeping up with any ongoing requirements like filing annual reports and a Biennial Statement every 24 months to update the information of your limited liability company.

Lastly, working with qualified business consultants at BusinessAnywhere Company Formation Service helps you navigate all the complexities and kick-start operations in record time.

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