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How to Create A High-Converting Landing Page for Your Business

High-Converting Landing Page

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Are you on a mission to create a high-converting landing page for your business, but are not sure of the best optimization practices? This article reveals the top factors you should consider that will help you get more sales, increase the conversion rate, and improve the profitability of your PPC campaigns. 

A single landing page can cost up to $3,000, which seems expensive at first glance. However, the revenue potential from a highly-converting landing page can pay for itself and lead to massive business growth. Read on to the end to learn the best practices that should be implemented into every business landing page. 

Engaging Title That Delivers

The landing page title is the first thing viewers will notice, so it must grab their attention and stand out among the crowd. Make the title thought-provoking, but it should also be descriptive so that users know what to expect from the page. 

Furthermore, the content on the page must reflect what the title promises. Otherwise, users will feel misled and back out of the page. In fact, the content underneath the title should expand on the article’s main idea. 

Finally, the title should contain the main target keyword. This is vital to help it rank in the search engine results pages for relevant phrases. 

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a message instructing users to do something on the page. This might be to complete an email capture form, click on a link, buy a product or anything else that has a positive impact on your business. 

Here are the top attributes of a CTA:

  • Above the fold: it’s essential that the CTA is placed above the fold, which is the area at the top of the page that requires no scrolling to reach. This ensures viewers will not miss it – even if they decide not to read the entire page. 
  • Placed several times: you can add more than one CTA to landing pages. This increases the likelihood that the user will follow the requested action. However, don’t make reading the CTA’s a repetitive and frustrating experience. They should be strategically placed to have the most effect. 
  • Make it stand out: use colors and other visual features to ensure the CTA stands out from other page elements. This means every visitor will at least see the CTA. Also, play around with the positioning and size of the CTA during your testing. 
  • Quality offer: the CTA should provide a valid reason for the user to click. Usually, it’s in the form of a discount, free sample, free ebook or other giveaway. 

Avoid Clutter

Every part of the page should contribute to the sale or other intended action you want the user to take. Therefore, any page element that doesn’t contribute to the intended action should be removed. This included links and pictures that might cause the lead to get sidetracked. 

You can use software to look at where users are moving the mouse on your landing page. This gives you an idea of where the focus lies. After users read the message, you’ll want the focus to be placed on the CTAs. 

High-Converting Landing Page

Show Social Proof

Social proofing works because it adds trust and credibility. It’s human instinct to trust something more if others vouch for it. Therefore, whatever social proofing you can add will be a bonus for converting your landing page.

Here are a few social proofing ideas to create a high-converting landing page for your business:

  • Testimonials: get in touch with your satisfied customers and ask for testimonials. You’ll find some eager takers happy to leave a glowing review for your products and services. You can showcase these on your landing page, since it indicates new buyers can expect the same quality. 
  • Trustpilot score: do you have a great Trustpilot score or something similar that you’d like to share with landing page visitors? Then consider sharing it on the landing page. Some customers will check your business on Trustpilot anyway, so why not make it more convenient for them. 
  • Social media: have you found any great social media reviews of your products or services? Then you can share them on your landing page. It’s a good idea to have a mix of reviews that cover different benefits. 

A/B Split Testing

It’s difficult to get each landing page factor correct from the outset. However, you can achieve a highly-optimized result after a period of testing. In fact, A/B split testing is an effective, straightforward approach, so it’s a good choice for beginners. 

A/B split testing works by creating two versions of your landing page, and a single variable would be changed for each one. This could be different titles, CTAs, content and anything else you’d like to test. 

Next, you’ll send equal amounts of traffic to each page and monitor the metrics. You can monitor a bunch of metrics, including:

  • Time spent on page
  • Currency conversion
  • Number of product orders
  • Bounce rate
  • New email subscribers

However, you should also test for other metrics that are important for your project. After all, you are free to define what a high-converting landing page for your business means. 

Final Thoughts

The tips and strategies in this article for creating a high-converting landing page will take your business to another level. Ideally, you want to achieve a conversion rate that is better for your industry. Also, it’s important to constantly monitor the key performance metrics to determine if improvement is being made. 

Finally, keep optimizing your landing page since the work pays for itself in more sales. Eventually, you’ll craft the winning formula for ensuring every landing page you create succeeds with your desired goals.  

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