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How to SetUp an LLC

LLC formation – general requirements

Many small business owners decide to form a limited liability company because of the protection it provides. An LLC exists separately from its owner, ensuring business owners aren’t responsible for the company’s debt.

To start LLC, you are required to file paperwork in the state your business is located in. While every state has its own rules and regulations, there are some general guidelines you are expected to follow. In the following steps, we will explain the business formation process. We also encourage you to hire Business Anywhere services and our admins will help you start a company in a few days.

multi member llc

Select the name

Most states won’t allow business entities to have the same names, which means the name you pick must be unique. Additionally, many states will restrict companies from using certain words in their name, such as Treasury or bank.

It would be wise to research whether other businesses in your area have the same or similar names. If you choose a unique name for your limited liability company, it means you can avoid confusion and infringement claims.

If the name is available, but you aren’t ready to file your LLC documents at the moment, you can always reserve your name for up to 90 days and pay a reservation fee.

Choose a registered agent

Almost every state requires limited liability companies to name a registered agent. This person or a company agrees to receive subpoenas, lawsuits, and other legal documents on behalf of your LLC and pass them along to a responsible person.

A state resident over 18 years of age can serve as a registered agent. All Business Anywhere subscription packages contain the services of a registered agent.

Articles of Organization

Although each state has its procedures and forms for establishing an LLC, in general, everyone must file Articles of Organization that include the following:

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a road map that describes your business. Whether you are a small business owner or a corporation, it’s wise to have an operating agreement. It specifies voting rights, owners’ interest, how profits and losses will be allocated, how the business will be managed, and will cover other details related to your business. Keep in mind that this is an internal document and isn’t filed with the state.

Get an EIN

The next step includes getting an EIN or Employer Identification Number. It is unique to your corporation and crucial for particular business necessities, like hiring employees, paying a tax, and banking.

You apply for EIN only after the state has issued a certificate that your LLC exists, while the IRS will provide you with an EIN free of charge. Depending on your business, you may also need additional licenses and permits.

Online Business Registration – want to know how?

How does the Best Online Business Registration Work?

Step 1: Create Your Account

Create an account to access your exclusive dashboard.

Step 2: Fill Out Our Form

Now simply fill out the online form with your details.
Our straightforward form is easy to understand. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Choose Your Services

All businesses are different. That’s why we offer different packages and services. Take a look at our small but mighty selection of packages and choose the option that suits you best.

Step 4: Make A Payment

Use our secure payment gateway with confidence. There are no hidden fees or hooks. What you see is what you pay.

Step 5: Bingo!

Once your company is officially formed, we’ll upload the documents and certificates to your dashboard.
You can keep the documents stored in our dashboard securely, download them, or print them.

Business Registration Packages


$ 37
00 Plus State Fees
  • Filed in 1-2 weeks
  • Filing articles of organization
  • Free 1st year registered agent service
  • Free 1st year registered address
  • Mail scanning of legal mail
  • Operating agreement template
  • Automated compliance
  • Automated annual renewals
  • Renewal – $147 plus state filing fee


$ 297
00 Plus State Fees
  • Everything from package one plus…
  • Filing done in 2-3 working days
  • EIN (tax ID) application filing
  • 30 minute consultation
  • Customized operating agreement
  • Renewal – $147 plus state filing fee


$ 497
00 Plus State Fees
  • Everything from package two plus…
  • Filing done in 2-3 working days
  • Virtual mailbox with a physical address
  • Choice of WY, NM, SD, TX, NM or AZ addresses
  • Up to 2 mail recipients
  • Unlimited personal and business mail
  • Unlimited mail scans
  • Worldwide mail and package forwarding
  • Renewal – $397 plus state filing fee

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Free Consultations

What type of company should you start, an LLC, corporation, or something else? What does EIN stand for? Which state should I register my company in? If this is your first time setting up a business, you probably have so many questions that need answers.

You can explore free consultations services with selected business formation packages. You’ll speak to one of our representatives, who will guide you through the process and answer all of your burning questions.

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It’s essential to realize right from the start that you can’t do everything alone. At some point, you will require some type of legal, paperwork, or notary assistance. We don’t want you to fail! On the contrary, our mission is to support all kinds of entrepreneurial ideas and guide businesses on their journey towards success.

That’s why we made the business registration process so easy. Our team wants to take a load off your back, so you can focus on more pressing matters, like generating profit. 

Explore Additional Services

Online Notary Service

Notarize your documents right from your dashboard. 100% online and hassle-free.

Virtual Mailbox Service

Receive all your physical mail straight to your online dashboard. We’ll scan, upload, and notify you when you receive mail.

Registered Agent Service

Keep your company compliant and your details private with our registered agent service.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. In fact a US LLC is often the ideal business structure for non-US residents due to pass-thru taxation, ease of banking, and payment processing. We register companies for non-US persons daily.

For package 2 or 3, yes, our team will get this information for you and it’ll be available inside your dashboard.
Our company formation service works on an annual subscription.
We can register your business in all 50 states.
Our headquarters are in Chandler, Arizona.
If you’re unsure which business type you should register we can help. Contact us via e-mail and one of our agents will help you.
We can register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation (S corp or C Corp).

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