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How to Set Up a Mail Forwarding Service for RVers

Mail forwarding service for RVers

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Over 11 million American households own RVs. The number’s been climbing in the last decade, especially since the pandemic happened.

Traveling without a care in the world can be freeing. You’re not tied down to an address, giving you complete control of where you go and when.

However, it can be a hassle trying to get your mail. With no fixed address, you’ll struggle to get important documents and fun packages.

To solve this problem, you should sign up for a mail forwarding service for RVers. Read on to find out what this service is and how you can use it.


What Is Mail Forwarding Service for RVers?

Since you’re always on the move, you’ve probably borrowed a loved one’s address to use while away. Even though that’s your home base, you’re likely rarely there. That makes it inconvenient to keep up-to-date with your mail.

A mail forwarding service for RVers collects your mail since it has a physical address. Then they’ll send the letters and packages out to wherever you are. The company can even scan your mail so you can decide if it’s worth having the physical copy in your hands.

The beauty of this service is that you can keep changing the forwarding address as many times as you want. No matter where you are in the world, you can count on the business to get you your urgent mail in a timely fashion.


Privacy and Data Security Concerns

You might be concerned about privacy and data security, and rightfully so. Well-established RV mail service companies will have strict protocols regarding mail handling.

For the physical locations, they’ll have security cameras and staff on duty at all times. As for their websites, they’ll use trustworthy servers, and use firewalls and antivirus programs. When sending out files, they’ll use encryption so if hackers do intercept these files, they won’t be able to open them and steal confidential data.

You can still get you mail when living in an RV
You can still get your mail when living in an RV

How to Get Mail When Living in an RV

First, you’ll need to sign up for a virtual mailbox. This allows you to put down an address for your mail to go to. 

The company can then do exactly what you want with it, and you can change those settings on the dashboard. This means all you need is an internet connection to have mail flexibility.

While browsing mail forwarding services, make sure you look up the reputation of the company; there should be plenty of positive reviews from prior customers. They’re handling your mail with sensitive data on it, after all. This information needs to be protected and handled correctly, especially if you’re running your own business.

Comparing the extent of services and prices is vital too. One company might seem like they offer a fantastic price, but their services are barebone. It’s often better to pay a little more and receive extensive services that’ll make RVing easier and smoother.


Here are the in-depth steps you’ll need to follow to set up a mail forwarding service.

Sign Up for an Account

First, you’ll need an account. Details you’ll need for the signup page include your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Password

Make sure to write these login credentials down somewhere safe, or use an encrypted browser extension that can autofill these fields later on. You’ll need this information to log in, set up your mail forwarding service, and check your mail.


Choose a Location for Your Virtual Mailbox

For personal use, it won’t matter too much which location you pick. 

But if you’re using this address as a business one, you might want to consult with a legal or financial professional before making a decision. Also, think about what customers will think when they see the address, as it’ll say a lot about your business.


Pick the Right Plan

Reputable mail forwarding companies will have several plans available. This allows their customers to have flexibility without spending a fortune.

For example, we have unlimited mail and scans for you. The difference between our plan tiers is how many recipients you want for the mail. If it’s just you, then the basic plan will work perfectly.


Send Out Your Postal Authorization Form

Before you can start using the mail forwarding service, you need to give proper authorization first. Federal law requires this of you; otherwise, the business is illegally opening your mail.

USPS has an official form you can easily download and fill out. You’ll need to have the form notarized before you send it out. While you can go to a notary in your local area, you can also conveniently have it notarized by us through the dashboard, so you don’t have to go anywhere.


Log in and Set up Mail Forwarding

When you log into our dashboard, you’ll see five simple actions: open, forward, archive, shred, and recycle.

In this menu, you can put in the address you’re at and have all mail automatically forwarded there. You won’t have to worry about junk mail, as our trained and expert staff will get rid of that for you.

While you’re on the road, you can always log onto your dashboard to change your forwarding address. If you know you won’t have internet access for a while, it’s no hassle to edit the address beforehand. As a result, you can rest easy while unplugged from the digital world.


Use the Best Mail Forwarding Service for RVers

A mail forwarding service for RVers is a must if you’re touring in your camper. You have more important and fun things to do than sit around and wait for your mail to arrive.

The world’s waiting for you with its wonderful sights, so don’t waste another minute. If you get mail forwarding services, then you’ll make the most of your RVing time without missing out on crucial pieces of mail.

For a terrific RV mail forwarding service, sign up with Business Anywhere now.

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