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Operate an LLC under a personal name

A laptop with a man setting up an LLC under a personal name

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Do you know how to successfully operate an LLC under a personal name without legal pitfalls? The process requires caution as entrepreneurs must learn the do’s and don’ts before registering the company.

You can give your name to an LLC, but it must comply with your state rules, regulations, and guidelines. There are various advantages to building a personal brand associated with naming your limited liability company.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to operate an LLC under a personal name without breaking federal and state rules? Join us as we outline the process to improve your knowledge. Let’s get started.

Operate an LLC under a personal name: What are the conditions where it’s significant?

Naming a limited liability company after yourself is a strategy for brands where owners are the face of the business. It’s ideal for photography, consulting, voiceover, and legal professionals.

Ensure you’re connected to the brand to operate an LLC under a personal name. It merges your personality and identity with the business while getting other benefits of forming a limited liability company.

Most business owners in the photography industry name their company after themselves while developing their skills and abilities over time. Naming a limited liability company after yourself can quickly improve brand recognition due to the positive reputation associated with word combination.

Operate an LLC under a personal name: Things to watch out for?

Entrepreneurs should consider the downside of adding their name to a limited liability company. For example, your name might be ineffective if it’s hard to spell, tough to pronounce, or isn’t unique. However, you can introduce a descriptor to make it unique such as Consulting Solutions by Mayer LLC is better than Mason LLC.

Restriction to a personal name can also reduce your business growth potential, as customers might think of it as a one-person show instead of an entity. Consider keeping the online company formation name separate from the information on your accounts, especially when signing documents for the organization.

Avoid such problems by always outlining the information to avoid confusion. For instance, sign “Mark Mayer on behalf of Mark Mayer LLC.” It relieves you of the company’s obligations and debts. Consider consulting a professional business attorney before using a personal name for the company formation registration.

How to know if an LLC name is taken in your state?

Your first task is performing a Google search of the name. Type the word combination into the search bar and check if someone else registered a company.

Another ideal way to find out before setting up a company online is by hiring a registered agent to conduct in-depth research and provide you with a list of names using the name.

The Office of the Secretary is the place to search for names before registering the company. So contact the office, and they’ll let you know the name’s availability.

LLC Naming Tips for a Business Owner

There are various LLC naming tips for business owners, and we will outline a few below:

1.      Ensure the domain is accessible

Consider your target audience when naming your LLC as a business owner. Choose a matching name and ensure the website domain is accessible.

Search for domain registration websites to learn the available name and extension period. You could buy it from the current owner if the word combination is registered. Always check social media websites to check the name’s availability before selection.

2.      Be unique

Another excellent tip for naming LLC as a business owner is to keep it unique. Choose a name that stands out, and people can easily remember. It differentiates your business from competitors.

3.      Make it short

When naming LLC as a business owner, consider keeping it short and easy to spell. Another excellent marketing strategy is ensuring the word combinations are convenient to pronounce and simple to remember. Avoid using special characters or complicated words, except it’s crucial to your brand.

4.      Be specific with business information.

Avoid confusion by providing specific information about the business when naming the company. Combining words like Caribbean Web Design LLC might sound unappealing, but it could be best for your SEO marketing strategies. Besides, you can become creative with brand information to open up long-term possibilities.

5.      Don’t pick names common to renowned companies.

Don’t choose names like Tesla, Amazon, or Apple when naming your limited liability company. It might lead to legal disputes and lawsuits hindering your business operations. Hence, avoid misleading the public and pick unique names.

6.      Choose the correct words for your legal business name

Most states require your LLC or Corporation’s legal name to display the company’s structure.

A corporation should have words like Company, Incorporated, and Corporation abbreviated as Co., Inc., and Corp., or written in full.

A limited liability company’s legal name should include Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, LC, LC, LLC, or Ltd as short forms.

Operate an LLC under a personal name: Conclusion.

After learning to operate an LLC under a personal name, it’s time to make proactive decisions for your company’s growth. Remember to conduct a trademark search for your chosen word combination before registration.

Breaching the rules guiding a trademark might attract penalties for the offender. So consider checking if a trading name is protected or belongs to another individual or entity before selecting.

Let the United States Patent and Trademark Office guide you in conducting a trademark search

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