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7 Reasons to Use a Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox

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31% of American adults say they’ve taken 2-3 private trips in the last year, and only 27% say they haven’t traveled at all. If you add in business trips, then you’ll see that we’re a nation that likes to be on the move.

While taking trips can open doors of opportunity, it does have its caveats. A major pain point is that it’s tough to get your mail, and there’s the fear that you’ve missed something important.

You can always have someone pick up mail for you, or have it forwarded. But why not get a traveling mailbox instead? Here are 7 reasons why you should use one.

1. Mail Forwarding Flexibility

A travel mailbox is also known as a virtual mailbox. What is a virtual mailbox? It’s a service that gives you a physical address, scans your mail, and uploads it online for you to view anywhere in the world.

This means that one of the most obvious benefits of having a traveling mailbox is you can have your mail forwarded to this address while you travel the globe. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log on and see all your mail.

Then, you can decide whether you want the pieces sent out to you or trashed. Either way, you’ll have digital copies to save with virtual mailbox forwarding, so you’ll have records and proof.

2. Permanent Address

The majority of people travel for a little bit, then return home to their permanent address. But what if you’re always on the move? 

As a digital nomad, you might not have a stable mailing address, which can be annoying for various reasons. Maybe you run a company and need to receive business mailings. Or maybe you need to receive important legal documents.

In any case, a virtual mailbox offers you a permanent address. You can use if for personal, business, or legal purposes, even if you don’t actually have a permanent residence.

3. Digital Mail Management

It can be a real mess trying to sort through stacks of letters, and it can quickly become overwhelming. The beauty of using a traveling mailbox is that you can view and manage your mail online through a secure portal.

The service will scan envelopes and their contents, and you can view these scans easily. After seeing the contents, you can then decide what to do with each piece of mail without needing to be physically present.

In addition, the portals have tools to help organize and archive your mail digitally. This makes it easier and faster to search for and retrieve documents when needed. For example, you can mangae tax documents, legal papers, and business correspondence without spending exorbitant amounts of energy or time.

4. Convenience and Professionalism

Even if you’re not a digital nomad, you might be a small business owner or freelancer who doesn’t want to be tied down to your company. You don’t trust anyone with taking over the mail while you’re gone though, so a virtual mailbox would be perfect for you.

This mailbox gives you a physical business address so you can handle your mail remotely. This keeps your personal and business correspondence separate, meaning it’ll be faster to sort through your mail. And because you don’t have to use your personal mailing address, you’ll have a more professional appearance too.

In addition, should you urgently need a document, the service provider can scan and email it to you. You’ll get quick access to critical information without the delay of physical deliveries.

5. Security and Privacy

Most of the time, you might get junk mail, so you don’t really care what happens to those pieces of paper afterward. But on the other hand, you might receive some confidential letters that you don’t want falling in the wrong hands.

Traveling mailbox services often offer enhanced security features, such as secure shredding and security certificates on their websites. This ensures that your digital files are stored safely. As a result, you’ll have a reduced risk of identity theft and loss of sensitive information.

6. Cost-Savings

If you travel frequently, then you’ll know that on top of inconveniences, there are many extra costs too. They may seem affordable, but over time, it all adds up significantly.

Those who are long-term travelers, expatriates, or remote workers can benefit from traveling mailboxes. This will eliminate the need for expensive and frequent international mail forwarding. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the logistics of physical mail retrieval either.

7. Environmental Benefits

Are you doing your best to look after the planet? Then you’ll want to get a traveling mailbox, as it can reduce your paper waste, as well as your carbon footprint.

You won’t be able to stop people from sending you mail. However, you won’t have to use resources to get your letters and packages from one place to you.

Also, any reputable service provider will not only dispose of your mail securely, but in an environmentally-friendly fashion too.

How to Get a Traveling Mailbox

Interested in mail service for travelers? Then look no further than Business Anywhere. 

We have a virtual mailbox service that starts at $20 per month. The other two plans cost $30 and $65 per month, respectively. Every plan has unlimited mail and scans; the main difference is how many recipients can use the mailbox.

To utilize our services, first create an account with us. Then, choose where you’d like your traveling mailbox to be located. Your choices include Wyoming, Florida, Texas, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Finally, pick your pricing plan, then make a payment. Once that’s through, you’ll have to fill out and upload your postal authorization form. This will have to be notarized, but you can use our convenient online notary service for that.

After we’ve received your postal authorization form, we’ll set up your traveling mailbox. We’ll notify you when it’s ready, which shouldn’t be long.

Get a Traveling Mailbox Today

As you can see, a traveling mailbox has many benefits, whether it’s for personal or business use. It frees you from the ties of a traditional physical mailbox, which enables you to do much more.

Considering that traveling mailboxes don’t cost much, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy these advantages. Get yourself a professional physical address to use and stop worrying about your mail while seeing the world.

Sign up with Business Anywhere today to get your own traveling mailbox. We can also help with setting up your company if you want to become an entrepreneur.

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