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How to Run Your Business Without a Permanent Address | Location Freedom Entrepreneurs

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Running a Location Independent Business Without a Permanent Address

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Do You Need a Physical Address for Your Business?

The short answer is yes.

The good news is that you don’t need to invest in an office. And you don’t have to use the address of your family or friends to save money. 

There are middle-ground solutions for setting up a physical business address for a remote business. 

This article will introduce you to the best solutions, keep reading!

Why Do I Need a Physical Address for My Business? 

There are different reasons why you would need an address for your business, even if it’s a 100% remote business. 

But to summarize, you need a physical business address to fulfil the requirements during formation, have access to your correspondence, and have a professional image for your business. 

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What Is a Business Address?

Let’s clarify the official meaning of a business address. 

The term ‘business address’ is normally used to describe the location at which your business normally operates. This applies to the traditional business model that operates from a single location, like a shop, restaurant, or office. 

In your case, a business address is an address at which you can be reached. In other words, it’s a mailing address for your business. 

What Is a Business Address for Service?

A business address for service is the address at which your business can be served notices of legal proceedings.

This is different to your normal mailing address and needs to fulfil certain criteria. 

Notices of legal proceedings need to be served in person, in most states. That’s why a Registered Agent is required for each business. 

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Registered Agent’ read this article. It explains what a Registered Agent is and what they do for your business. 

In summary, a Registered Agent is a person/ service nominated by you to receive official correspondence on behalf of your business. A Registered Agent needs to be available at the specified address during business hours. 

Most digital entrepreneurs hire a Registered Agent Service for their LLCs. 

So, your business address for service will be the details of your Registered Agent. 

How Do I Get a Business Address? 

There are several options for setting up a business address for your remote business.

To set up a business address for service, you’ll hire a Registered Agent.

For your normal business address where you can receive correspondence, you’ll opt for a virtual business address. 

What Is a Virtual Business Address? 

A virtual business address is an address that you use for your business even though your business isn’t operating from the premises. 

This is 100% legal and there are specialized services that do this for you. 

Why Get a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address costs a fraction of what it would cost you to set up a physical office. 

It gives you the freedom to run your business without a permanent address, completely remotely. 

Here are the paid and free options for a virtual business address: 

Relatives or Friends – FREE

This is the first thing most people think of when figuring out the address situation for their remote business.

While this is a valid option for receiving your business correspondence without a business address, it can actually prove inefficient.  

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be on your family’s or friends’ backs about your letters, statements, etc. It’s better to leave personal relationships and business separate. 

Also, you’ll have to sacrifice their privacy for your comfort, because their address will be listed in several places as the contact information for your business. 

And lastly, a residential address doesn’t look professional for your business. 

Virtual Office – $$$ 

This is an option for you if you care about having access to meeting rooms for your business, and maybe a reception where calls can be taken on behalf of your business. 

A virtual office will most likely cost you more than $300 per month, and in return, they will receive your correspondence, take your calls, and provide you with a space to hold meetings. 

We recommend this option for business owners who set up camp or return frequently to a city. Then you’re able to pick up your mail and also take advantage of the meeting rooms. 

Virtual Mailbox – $

This is by far the best option for 99% of digital business owners. 

A virtual mailbox service will receive your mail on your behalf, scan it, and upload it for you so that you can access it instantly. 

This is a service that costs just $20/ month. 

You’ll be able to manage your mail from an online dashboard, without having to hassle family members or physically turn up for your mail. 

Find out more about Virtual Mailboxes here

How to Get a Business Mailing Address?

Signing up for a business mailing address like a Virtual Mailbox is so easy!

All you have to do is fill out a simple form to get your business address. Everything is done online. No appointments, no need to show up in person, no need to move from your sofa. 

In 10 minutes you can have a business address for your LLC. 

Click Here to Sign Up

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