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How to Set Up Your Business to be Fully Remote

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Are you wondering if it’s possible to be 100% remote? To run your business entirely from your laptop, from anywhere in the world. No office. No mail. No employees. No 9-5 schedule. 

It is possible. More than ever. And it’s getting easier and more acceptable. Your business can be real, profitable, serious and efficient even if it’s entirely contained in the cloud. 

This guide will give you some tips on setting up your business for 100% remote success.

Register Your Business Remotely

The first step to setting up your business is registering it. The most favourable way to register a business for digital nomads is setting up an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

An LLC is a business structure that allows you flexibility and limited liability. It’s the middle ground between being self-employed and having a corporation. 

Corporations offer limited liability but they’re subject to double taxation. Self-employment doesn’t offer limited liability, but the tax is more favourable.

An LLC is in-between the two. It offers limited liability and pass-through taxation. 

The good news is that you can register an LLC online. It’s easy and available to everyone. 

Register for a Virtual Mailbox

Keeping up to date with your business mail can be a pain if you’re always traveling. Fortunately there are tools that make this as easy as keeping up with your electronic mail. 

You can register for a virtual mailbox. The service will receive and scan all your physical mail onto the cloud. From there you’ll be able to view, print, and manage all your mail. 

Use International Banks

You can open a business bank account with Wise, for example, which is one of the most popular banks for digital nomads and travelers. 

Wise lets you open a bank account online, use multiple currencies, make international transfers at really low prices, receive money from anyone, and manage all your banking through your phone. 

There are also other, similar banks on the market. 

Go Paperless

Letting go of the office means letting go of the old fashioned ways of running a business. Gone are the days of piled up paperwork, endless stationary, and dusty filing cabinets. 

Paperless is the new way forward

Start using tools like Cloud storage, accounting software, online communication platforms, and so on. It will help you manage your business and keep it efficient. 

The benefits of going paperless include savings, eco-friendliness, and less hassle. 

Find Remote Help

As your business grows you might find yourself in need of helping hands. Luckily, the market for remote workers is growing everyday. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer you an easy way to find the right person for your business. 

You can start working with a skilled professional within days. It doesn’t matter whether you need an admin, a marketing strategist, a graphic designer, or a customer rep. 

The individuals on these websites receive reviews from other people who have already worked with them, so you can count on reliability. The websites also protect you from scammers and give you peace of mind, handling your payments and complaints. 

Use Tools for Remote Businesses

Technology can either be your nightmare or your best friend. It’s up to you. 

By utilizing the best tools to run your remote business you’ll experience a smooth and more efficient running of your business. 

Some of the best and most popular tools are: 

  • Task management tools: Google Calendar, ClickUp, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Asana and Monday.
  • Conferencing tools: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and Skype.
  • HR Software: CharlieHR and Culture Amp
  • Team Chat: Slack and Facebook Workplace
  • Storage: Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox


There’s never been a better time to run your business remotely. There are so many tried and tested tools available that you can’t go wrong. 

Start by registering your business as an LLC.

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