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How to Do a Texas Business Entity Search

Texas Business Entity Search

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In the fourth quarter of 2023, the real gross domestic product (GDP) for Texas grew at an annual rate of 5.0%. This was the sixth simultaneous quarter the state outpaced the nation, which shows just how prosperous Texas is.

If you’re considering opening a business, then there’s no better state to do it in. You’ll have a decent chance at success, plus it offers several other benefits.

Before you create a company though, you should first check if the name’s available. Read on to find out how to do a Texas business entity search.

The Texas Secretary of State is where state businesses register, so it makes sense that you can check their database. This service is called SOSDirect.

To use SOSDirect, you’ll need to make an account. In addition, there’s a $1.00 fee for every search. With this access, you can search:

  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Corporations
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Assumed names
  • Trademarks

Do note that use this database, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip. So download these programs beforehand.

Check With the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Since the SOS TX business search costs money, you might be restricted in what possible names you can try. To perform a really thorough search, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money.

A free alternative is the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts taxable entity search. Here, you can also search for various things on top of business names, including executives’ names and tax IDs.

Use Our Name Availability Checker

We at Business Anywhere have a built-in name checker on our business registration page. This allows you to put in your desired company name, and we’ll search both LLCs and corporations. If the name’s available, we’ll tell you so!

On the next page, you can fill in your basic contact information. We’ll then get back to you about what business registration services we offer, which will make the formation process much easier and simpler.

Things to Know About Naming Texas Businesses

While you’re performing your Texas entity search, keep in mind that there are certain limitations, which may be why you’re not getting any hits. So don’t have any premature celebrations just yet.

In the state of Texas, you can’t use the words (in any combination):

  • Bank
  • Trust
  • Trust company

The exception is if you get a no objection letter from the Banking Commission.

The same goes for the following words (the exception here is if you request a no objection letter from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board):

  • College
  • School
  • University

If you’re creating a business to benefit veterans and their families, then these words aren’t allowed unless you get an approval letter from a veterans organization:

  • Disabled
  • Legion
  • Veteran
  • World war

Do a Texas Business Entity Search Now

Having a memorable company name is the first step toward success. When people can’t keep your name out of their minds, they’ll always come to you first.

However, you can run into legal problems if your business name is too similar or even identical to another. This is why doing a Texas business entity search is so vital. You can avoid legal troubles and headaches further down the line, so don’t skip this essential step!

Sign up with Business Anywhere if you’re ready to bring your business dreams to life. We’ll get your company registered in as little as two working days.

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