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How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba

Amazon from Alibaba

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Do you want to know how to sell on Amazon from Alibaba? It’s one of the best websites for finding suppliers that allow you to find high-quality products. In this article, we’ll share the top reasons to choose Alibaba as your source of products and suppliers. Also, you’ll find out some of the best practices so that you can hit the ground running. 

Alibaba had 2.32 billion orders in 2020, and continues to dominate the product sourcing industry. Their massive choice of manufacturers and distributors ensures that any Amazon seller has something to choose from. Therefore, you can depend on this e-commerce giant to keep your Amazon business running for a long time. 

What Is Alibaba?

Alibaba is an industry-leading website for finding suppliers. You can find manufacturers from several countries, with China being the most popular. Furthermore, you can look at supplier profiles to find the best option. Pay attention to the reviews left by other users and the certifications they have for their business.  

Many successful Amazon sellers use Alibaba for every product they sell. Therefore, it’s a great starting point for beginners and advanced business owners who are looking for the best products with a high-profit margin. Also, Aliabba is constantly growing and adding new features to improve the quality of its website. 

Advantages For Using Alibaba for Sourcing Products

Now let’s turn our attention to the top reasons why you may want to use Alibaba as your source of suppliers. With so many advantages, it’s a no-brainer that Alibaba is a worthwhile consideration. 

  • Large choice: China is the biggest manufacturer of products selling on Amazon, and most companies creating goods are actively selling on Alibaba. Hence, the platform acts as a fast way to find any factory in China. 
  • Payment protection: Alibaba provides a safe way to pay suppliers. This includes insurance where you can get your funds back in the case of faulty goods being delivered. However, you need to check if the Trade Assurance option is available. 
  • Messaging system: the messages system on Alibaba is convenient for quickly interacting with suppliers. In fact, you can send a message to dozens of suppliers in one day asking for a quote. Most suppliers respond within 24 hours because they are actively looking to do business with Amazon sellers. 
  • Good user interface: the quality of the user interface at Alibaba is among the best in the e-commerce industry. Firstly, the filter options for locating products are fast and easy, and you can quickly scan product listings to find the ones you want. 
  • Multiple delivery options: most manufacturers provide a wide range of delivery options, so you can pick one that matches your preferences. For example, you can send goods directly to Amazon FBA warehouses, or you can arrange your own freight forwarder. 

Amazon from Alibaba

How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba Best Practices

Now let’s look at some of the top best practices when using Alibaba for the first time. These tips will save you money and time. Also, you’ll increase your chances of getting the best products to sell on Amazon

Order Samples

When launching a new product on Amazon, it’s important to order samples from the factories you want to do business with. Therefore, you can get a sense of the product quality. In fact, you can order samples from the top 3 manufacturers you come across and choose the one that sends you the best sample. 

However, even if you find excellent samples, it’s not the best indication of what to expect with your batch of products. Therefore, you should hire a quality inspection company that visits the factory floor and check your products. This added expense is worth it when dealing with new suppliers. 


To get the best prices you’ll need to negotiate with the supplier. That’s especially true with Chinese culture, where negotiation is expected to arrive at the final price. At first, you may find that negotiating the best price is difficult. However, you can improve your odds after you forge a long-term relationship with the supplier. 

However, don’t negotiate too hard since it must be a great deal for all parties involved. Getting the most out of the relationship means back and forth is required. 

Product Improvements

It’s important to modify products so they stand out on Amazon search pages. Otherwise, you’ll sell the same product as everybody else, and that’s not going to give you a competitive edge. Suppliers are happy to implement reasonable modifications and may increase the per-unit price if extra work or materials is required. 

Can’t think of any ways you can improve a product? Then you can add a lot of customization to product packaging. For example, you can add nice images and graphics. Also, you’ll need to showcase the improved packaging through detailed photos on the Amazon product listing. 

Keep Track Of Supplier Communication

You should create a spreadsheet that keeps track of the big details you discovered from interacting with suppliers. Therefore, you’ll have a list of backup options if the primary manufacturer goes out of business, decreases the quality, or increases the price too much. 

Having backup suppliers is important for ensuring your Amazon business continues to function as normal regardless of problems a manufacturer might be having. With so many suppliers on Alibaba, finding multiple good options for a single product isn’t too hard. 

How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba Final Thoughts

Adding Alibaba to your process for finding new suppliers is one of the best decisions you can make for growing your Amazon business. Many successful Amazon sellers use Alibaba exclusively because it offers so many good products and a trustworthy payment system. 

However, to grow an Amazon business, it must have the best structure. Hence, you should consider registering your business as an LLC. You can do that here at Business Anywhere with our fast and affordable service. 

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