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How To Dropship On Amazon From AliExpress


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Are you trying to figure out how to dropship on Amazon from AliExpress? AliExpress is one of the best places to build an Amazon dropshipping business, and in this article, we’ll share the top tips to increase your chances of success. 

AliExpress plans to increase cross-border clientele by 30 million by 2030. Therefore, they are actively looking for international sellers who want to use their services. Read this article to the end to learn more about how to get the most out of the AliExpress website for your Amazon dropshipping business. 

What Is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce store that is owned by the Alibaba Group. It offers thousands of product categories and over 100 million products to choose from. Overall, the website has an excellent reputation, but you need to choose the right supplier to grow your dropshipping business on Amazon. Continue reading the rest of this article to figure out how to choose the best supplier on AliExpress. 

How To Choose An AliExpress Supplier

After creating a new account on AliExpress, you’ll need to find a good quality supplier you can depend on for regular orders. After all, the quality of the supplier will reflect the success of your Amazon business. 

  • AliExpress profile: AliExpress allows you to leave reviews on the supplier performance, which is comparable to how customers leave reviews on Amazon. Therefore, you can look for suppliers with excellent review scores to avoid the ones with poor performance. Also, you can look at other details of an AliExpress supplier to get an idea of the professionalism and scope of their business. 
  • Wide range of products: do you plan on launching a large store on Amazon that sells a wide range of products? Then you should look for a supplier offering more choice. Therefore, you can locate a supplier that can send every product your way instead of having to rely on several options. 
  • Delivery speed: it’s important to look for suppliers who offer the fastest delivery speeds possible. Customers should expect a delay since products are sent from China, but receiving products within 2 weeks is much faster than a month. Amazon buyers expect fast delivery speeds, so it’s an important metric. 
  • Quality: pay attention to the quality of the products your customer will receive. You can test orders periodically to ensure the supplier quality doesn’t decrease below levels that you’re comfortable with.
  • Packaging: ideally, the packaging will have a premium feel that adds to the product quality. Also, some dropshippers allow you to add custom packaging, which is ideal if you’re interested in building a brand on Amazon. 

Create An Amazon Product Listing

Once you’re ready to sell products you’ve found on AliExpress, you’ll need to create an Amazon product listing. You can go down the route of using the assets on the AliExpress product listings on Amazon. There are no rules against you copy-pasting the entire thing. 

However, that’s counterproductive because many other sellers have access to the same digital assets. Therefore, your product listing will not stand out, and customers will notice that your photos and description are far too similar to competitors. 

Also, the quality of the images and descriptions might be poor on the AliExpress page. This means that the conversion rate for your product page will be low. 

It makes sense to increase the odds of success in your favor by investing in the quality of the product listing. For example, you can hire a professional photography service to take a wide range of photos. Also, you can hire a professional freelance writer to craft the description. 

Descriptions should be informative and showcase the benefits of the product. This helps sell products where the benefits might not be evident by looking at the photos or product titles. 


Register Your Business As An LLC

To improve your odds of successfully selling on Amazon as a dropshipper, you should register your business as an LLC. There are many advantages to registering your Amazon business as an LLC, and here are the top ones:

  • Liability protection: when your Amazon business receives legal complaints due to faulty products, you will not be personally liable for the damages. Instead, your LLC business will be liable, which is an important layer of protection. 
  • More authority: customers that notice your business is an LLC, may give it more trust. Hence, you can generate extra sales by registering your business as an LLC. 
  • Easy and cheap: to create an LLC you don’t need a lot of paperwork for funds. Therefore, any dropshipping seller can get started with an LLC from the first month of operation. 
  • Money management: are you interested in starting the business with partners? Then you can improve the quality of the money management by having an LLC. Therefore, you can share the profits and pay suppliers through the LLC business structure in a transparent manner. 
  • Loans: LLCs have an advantage in securing bank loans. Therefore, you can get a jump start to your business without having to look for a loan for too long. 

Do you want to register an LLC for your Amazon business today? Then take advantage of the service offered here at Business Anywhere. We provide a fast, reliable, and affordable service for all Amazon sellers. 

Dropshipping on Amazon From AliExpress Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AliExpress should be one of the top resources to find suppliers if you’re dropshipping on Amazon. That’s because the website has so many to choose from that anyone can find a good quality product to sell. 

Furthermore, many suppliers on AliExpress are trying to make a business of their own. Hence, you can expect professionalism and high-quality products. It’s up to you to find those products and forge long-lasting relationships with suppliers. 


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