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Amazon Seller Hacks: Top 7 To Consider

Amazon hacks

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Are you looking for Amazon seller hacks to take your business to the next level? The tips and advice in this article could be the piece of the puzzle that helps you increase sales, retain customers, and provide a better overall experience for buyers.

Amazon had 300 million active users in 2022. Therefore, they have a large number of customers that you can take advantage of to grow your business. In fact, it’s the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, and you can increase your chances of winning in competitive niches. 

1. Amazon Seller Software Solutions

Are you currently using Amazon seller software solutions? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of valuable help for a small price. For example, services like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout can help you with various aspects of building an Amazon business. 

This includes:

  • Product and keyword research
  • Amazon PPC
  • Listing optimization
  • Brand building
  • Review request
  • Sales dashboard

Most of these services have a monthly subscription, but for the price, you get enough help to significantly increase sales. For example, you can uncover profits that are easier to sell because they are in uncompetitive niches. 

Also, you can use listing optimization tools to increase your product listing conversion rate. This ensures you make the most of every customer by showcasing your product in the best light. 

2. Team of Freelancers

Are you struggling to complete all the tasks your business needs to grow? Eventually, your Amazon business will grow beyond a one-person team, and that’s when you need to consider hiring freelancers or full-time employees. There are many professionals online that complete time-consuming roles like product research or building product listings. 

It’s a good idea to outsource the tasks that you don’t enjoy doing. Therefore, you can concentrate on using the Amazon seller hacks on the parts of the business that you like doing day to day. 

Also, to put your employees in the best position to succeed, you must give them specific directions. Give them the tools and resources to perform well, and you’ll have a fully functioning Amazon seller team. 

3. Win The Buy Box

The buy box can transform the conversion rate for your product and give you significantly more sales. However, to win the buy box, you need to have good product performance. This includes low refund rates, high customer review scores, and more. 

The biggest boost to your chances of winning the buy box is joining the Amazon FBA program. This program allows you to send products to Amazon warehouses, and they will complete orders on your behalf. 

Finally, you can avoid competing for the buy box by having it consistently when selling products under your brand. That’s because your brand is protected, and no other seller can sell your products. 

4. Increase Amazon Sales With Brand Registry

Brand registry is a way of protecting your third-party seller brand on Amazon. This ensures that other people will not fight for your buy box, and people cannot copy your product name. It’s a pricey upfront payment, but there are no recurring fees after registering the brand. 

Also, Amazon unlocks further features in your account once you opt-in for brand registry. This includes advanced analytics, where you can dig into the details of your product listing performance. The data comes straight from Amazon, so you can trust it to make decisions. 

Amazon hacks

5. Business Partner

Are you feeling lonely while running your Amazon business? Solo business people don’t have anyone to share their successes and hard times with, so getting a business partner is a good choice. 

When getting a business partner, here are some ideas to consider to find the right one:

  • Skills: looking for a business partner with skills complementing your ones is a good choice. For example, if you don’t have creative skills, then finding a business partner that is very creative is the smart choice. 
  • Funding: do you need extra funds to run your Amazon business? Then it’s a good idea to find a business partner that can contribute a lot of funds to the venture. The more they can allocate, the better, and it shows they are serious about making the business a success. 
  • Availability: your partner should have the time to work on the business. Make sure that you can share the workload, and they are available for communication when it’s needed. 

6. Amazon PPC

Take advantage of Amazon PPC to quickly send an avalanche of new customers to your product pages. That’s because the in-house advertising platform can send traffic to your product pages for a wide range of search terms. You can identify highly searched traffic through tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10. 

Furthermore, Amazon PPC is important for product launches since they can help start sales and generate customer reviews. Also, sales velocity is rewarded by the search engine algorithm. 

7. Warehousing Services

Amazon storage fees can add up very quickly, and that’s especially true for slow-moving stock. However, you can save money by taking advantage of warehousing services that you can use to store Amazon products for a limited amount of time. 

Amazon Seller Hacks Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Amazon seller hacks in this article can help take your sales revenue to the next level. The beauty of Amazon businesses is that there are many ways to make improvements, so you can use strategies that match your skills, budget, and preferences. 

However, any good Amazon business needs to be registered as an LLC. That’s why you should take advantage of Business Anywhere, where LLC registration for Amazon businesses is made simple. 


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