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5 Fundamentals of Successful PPC Strategy

Illustration showcasing innovative PPC strategies for navigating the challenging business landscape and maximizing advertising success.

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Are you trying to improve the quality of your PPC strategy but have no idea where to start? In this article, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you get more out of your PPC campaigns. Therefore, you can improve your ROI and have a more profitable business. 

65% of customers click on PPC ads, so it’s a common form for finding products. Hence, it’s one of the bigger marketing strategies on the internet that you should take advantage of to improve the number of customers arriving to your business. 

1. Optimize Your Keywords

PPC is mostly about finding the right keywords for your campaigns. The difference between a winning and losing strategy is the quality of the keywords that you can find, but also the ones you omit. Your good keywords could be sabotaged by bad ones that are not converting and reducing the overall profitability of your campaigns. 

Here is a summary of how to find the best keywords for your business PPC marketing campaign:

  • Use tools: there are many tools that allow you to find keywords that have low competition and high traffic. Depending on your niche, finding these keywords can take a long time or quickly. Google itself provides Keyword Planner, which is a free tool for finding keywords for your PPC campaigns. 
  • Intent: you need to think about the keyword intent since you don’t want to go after keywords that suggest the user is not interested in buying right now. Therefore, you need to go after commercial or transactional keywords instead of navigational or informational ones. 
  • Low bid price: ideally, you should be able to find keywords that have a low bid price, since that will help you keep costs down. 
  • Search volume: you need to find keywords with a lot of traffic so you can get as many eyeballs to your landing page as possible. In fact, PPC is one of the best marketing strategies to get a lot of traffic to your website in a short time period. 
  • Budget: you need to decide on how much money you will need to spend. This includes deciding on the daily limit for each keyword. 

2. Switch to Manual Bidding

Most PPC platforms allow you to set up automatic bidding, which is convenient since it’s a set and forget method. However, you could be losing large amounts of money if the platform is not using the best strategy. 

Therefore, you should consider switching to manual bidding. This allows you to set the bid prices for each keyword and the amount of money you want to spend on them per day. Hence, you can increase the bid price on keywords that are showing results and vice-versa. 

Manual bidding requires more time, but it helps make the most of a limited budget. Therefore, if you’re a new business owner that is low on marketing funds – manual bidding is the right choice. 

PPC Strategy

3. Create a Winning Landing Page

Most PPC strategies include a landing page, which visitors will navigate to once they click the advertisement. There are many components of a landing page that you need to get right, and here are some suggestions:

  • Title: the landing page title must match what was displayed in the PPC advertisement. That’s because the user wants to see continuity and the promise of the advertisement to be fulfilled. 
  • No distractions: typically, you want visitors arriving on your landing page to perform a specific action.This might be to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product, watch a video, and much more. However, if there are too many distractions, this can be problematic so you need to remove them. 
  • Call to action: this is an instruction that tells the user what you want them to do. The CTA must be placed where it can easily be found. 
  • Testing: you should constantly do A/B split testing on landing pages to ensure you can optimize and get the most out of them. 
  • Copywriting: the quality of your copywriting on the landing page must be excellent. This ensures that you can convert users from casual visitors into buyers. 

4. Hire a PPC Agency

Don’t have time to learn how to execute a successful PPC strategy? Then we recommend that you hire a PPC agency to help your business. They cost in letting the PPC agency do your bidding and can pay for itself through higher profitability. 

It’s important to select the best marketing agency for your needs. For example, if they have prior experience with your industry, then it’s a big plus. Also, do they have enough time to work on your project? Some agencies don’t have spare resources to devote a lot of time to your project, so they need to be avoided. 

5. Use Geo Targeting

Geo targeting is an important element of a PPC campaign if your business is location based. For example, if you have a plumbing business and are targeting neighborhoods in Miami, then you’d benefit from using relevant area names. 

You’ll find that adding geo targeting presents many low-cost keywords that convert at a high rate. Also, you can uncover customers that your competition might have missed. However, it means that you must look for a large list of keywords if you cover many areas. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you’ll improve the profitability of your PPC campaigns with the advice in this article. You can learn how to implement each step at a time to not get overwhelmed. PPC marketing can be overwhelming because there is always more optimization that can be done. However, if you go after long-tail low competition keywords, you can start off without going after tough competition. 

Finally, you can consider working with a PPC agency to learn the ropes. They will complete work on your behalf, but you can also ask questions to get the scoop on industry secrets. 

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