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Benefits of Using a Registered Agent for your Business

Clearing up misconceptions: Common myths about registered agents explained

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While a business owner may choose to act as its own registered agent, there are a number of reasons why you want to go against this decision. You have to admit that having someone else who is authorized to receive official mail on behalf of your business is quite liberating.

However, keep in mind that business entities, like limited liability corporations and standard corporations, are required to have a registered agent. You don’t have to worry about missed deadlines, legal paperwork, official notices, or compliance.

So, let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should hire a registered agent.

A registered agent gives you privacy

If you choose to act as your own registered agent, you may not think that having the same business and a registered agent address really matters. However, the purpose of having a registered agent is for them to receive official documents.

Imagine a situation where your company gets sued or involved in a lawsuit. You will be served at your place of business. Think about how your customers will feel. Will this affect your reputation? Would it cause rumors around business circles?

Also, a registered agent’s address is a matter of public record. If you decide to act as your own registered agent and run a company from home, keep in mind that your home address will be publicly available.  

Therefore, hiring the service or a registered agent ensures privacy in every sense, and it’s a great way to keep your business legal matters as private as possible.

You can quickly expand your business to other states

If your company operates in more than one state, then a person who represents your business needs to live in that state as well. As a business owner, you can’t live in two places at once, so it makes sense to hire a registered agent, for example, in Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada, New York, or any other state you want to expand to.

Also, if your company operates online and you don’t have an actual business space, you still need a physical address for the registered agent. Even though you have a home address, you may not want to use it for the reasons we stated above.

A registered agent needs to be available at a physical address during business hours, so that’s another reason to hire their services.

Expan Your Business to other states

Compliance with the law

A registered agent sends you regular reminders for filings and, in that way, ensures you stay up-to-date with state requirements. You can finally relax and stop worrying about fines and legal fees or losing your business altogether.

Professional service helps you keep copies of your documents in one place. So, in case of theft or natural disaster, you will have a backup of all necessary papers.  

If you serve as your own registered agent, you run the risk of non-compliance or missing deadlines. Official mail can easily get lost or misplaced, especially if you receive tons of mail to your business and home address.

Furthermore, a registered agent guarantees your business will receive legal mail in a timely manner, so you can avoid non-compliance and costly fines.


One of the main benefits of hiring a registered agent is that it provides you and your business with an increased level of flexibility. As mentioned earlier, a registered agent must operate during regular business hours.

Suppose you have a bar or a restaurant that operates outside traditional business hours. In that case, your offices need to stay open, even if you aren’t physically there or if it doesn’t make sense financially.

If you decide to act as your own registered agent, you will need to be available during standard business hours at the address you provided.  

The reason why you would hire a registered agent is that you need someone who will be available during business hours to receive important paperwork and documents. On the other hand, you can relax in the comfort of your home, travel, or simply focus on your work since you aren’t desk-bound.  

You don’t need to have a permanent worksite

If you need to be outside of the office frequently, for example, if you are an electrician who makes house calls or a real estate agent, then hiring a registered agent is essential. You have to ensure that important documents reach you and your business.  

Same-day access to documents

Time-sensitive and legal documents require immediate attention. If you are always traveling, in meetings, or get pulled into work-related tasks, you may not be available during regular business hours to receive legal documents.

However, a registered agent is always there to receive time-sensitive documents, notifying you about deadlines you must meet. With a reliable registered agent, you will stay on top of your work, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Better organization

As a business owner, you already have so many things on your plate, not to mention managing the entire company. But, hiring a registered agent saves you a lot of time and effort you would normally spend on mails, paperwork, and other work-related tasks.

A registered agent has a system set in place to track and notify you about important deadlines you need to meet. This way, you won’t miss any important due dates or receive fines and penalties.

A registered agent will also organize and keep all your legal documents in one place, ensuring everything is backed up and stored properly.

Better organization

It may be mandatory

We already mentioned that in many states, it’s mandatory to have a registered agent who will present your company. In fact, you won’t be able to form an LLC without having a registered agent.

If you continue working without an agent, you risk falling into bad standing with the state. While this person doesn’t have to be a service or a third-party agent, it makes sense to hire one, especially when dealing with legal documents and due dates.

What is a registered agent for LLC?

A registered agent can be an individual or a service that on behalf of your business receives legal documents, such as mail, tax and regulatory notice, and subpoenas. 

As you already know, their contact details are publicly available, so outsiders know who to reach. And, you may relax knowing your business has only one address for receiving legal notices.

In fact, their only job is to receive documents on behalf of your business and to give them to an appropriate person. When you hire an agent, you can tell them who to contact in case they receive a lawsuit or other legal-related documents.

While their role might seem simple, notices, subpoenas, and lawsuits tend to have strict deadlines. In many cases, missed deadlines will result in both financial and legal consequences.

Who needs a registered agent service?

Business forms like corporations or LLCs require the services of a registered agent. General partnerships and sole proprietorships are common law business structures. Considering they don’t have to file official paperwork with the state to form a common law business, there is no reason to hire a registered agent.

When forming a business entity in your state, you must appoint a registered agent. If this person changes the address at some point in the future, you need to file an additional form to update the state’s records. If you have a business registered in multiple states, you need a registered agent in each state.  

How to hire the best registered agent service?

When selecting a registered agent for LLC, keep in mind the following considerations. They will help you choose the best person or the service for this job:

  1. Experience: If you are dealing with a relatively new registered agent, they might accidentally miss a deadline. On the other hand, working with an experienced agent who has been in this industry for quite some time and who has handled this type of work offers you peace of mind.  
  2. Location: Considering a registered agent needs to be in the same state as your business, you might require multiple agents if you are operating in different states. To avoid this hustle, you can work with a national registered agent with office locations across the country. Or, you could hire a qualified business service, like BusinessAnywhere, which will serve you as a registered agent in multiple states.
  3. Price: Of course, that price is one of the factors you should consider when hiring a registered agent, especially if you just formed an LLC. Fortunately, many services offer reasonable prices, so this won’t break your bank account.


Not handling your legal documents on time can cause your business much trouble, and it might lose a “good status” over time. By hiring a professional means, you never have to worry about missed deadlines or important documents. You get to avoid potential penalties and the risk of non-compliance.

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