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Blog Ideas: 6 Topics to Write About

blog ideas

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77% of internet users read blogs, and companies that blog get 97% more links to their websites. It’s evident that people like to learn new information through blog posts, and they’re just as popular as they were decades ago.

Chances are, you’ve got some expertise you’d love to share with others. If you’ve got a good grasp of basic writing skills, then why not monetize your knowledge?

Those who have a wealth of information may find it difficult to choose topics to write about though. If this is you, then read on to find out some blog ideas that can help you get started.

Health and Fitness

41.2% of Americans over 20 years old are obese, and many others are either overweight and/or out of shape. Fitness journeys can be very personal and sensitive, so it’s no surprise that people flock to the internet for advice.

For some blog post ideas, you can share your favorite fitness routines and workouts, as well as show healthy eating and give out wholesome recipes. These will give you plenty of content to write about.

To expand on health and fitness, you can also write about sleep optimization, stress management techniques, and mental health awareness. All too often, we forget about the mental side of things, so this is a great opportunity for you to help others better themselves.

It can be a good idea to set up an LLC before you start your blog, as this can help you separate personal and business finances. Business Anywhere is here to help you do this with business registration services so it’s painless and fast.


Personal Development

We can all use tips and tricks to make our everyday lives more efficient, some more than others. It’s common for people to struggle with efficiency at the office, so things can be even worse when they work from home and don’t have the structure that a workplace offers.

If you’re someone who’s fantastic at managing your life, then writing about personal development can be rewarding. You can give time management tips and show readers how to set and achieve goals, as well as overcome procrastination.

Other important blog topic ideas here include building self-confidence, as well as mindfulness and meditation.


Finance and Management

Another area that people find challenging is finances. Not only do you need to make an excellent salary to survive, but you should also put away enough money to retire comfortably. If you have enough income, then investing is wise as well.

Financially-savvy people can advise others on how to budget and save. On the same token, you can write about debt management and reduction to help others get back on their feet.

Then, think about “investing basics for beginners” posts. These can then segue into more complicated investing strategies, as well as financial planning for retirement.

Travel and Adventures

Are you a well-traveled person who’s seen much of the world? You’d be surprised at just how many people aren’t. Not only would they be glad to live vicariously through you, but they’ll want tips from a seasoned traveler too.

To start, you can post about your solo travel experiences, including how you planned them and how they went. Your travel stories and adventures are sure to excite users who happen upon your blog. You can also write about your cultural immersion experiences, which can give readers a glimpse into how other countries operate.

travel blog ideas
travel blog ideas

You can then expand to destination guides and travel tips. Because people often don’t have a big budget to work with, any budget travel strategies you have will be welcome too.

You can even write these blogs while you’re actively traveling. All you have to do is set up a virtual mailbox with Business Anywhere, and you’ll be able to access all personal and business mail wherever you are in the world.


Technology and Gadgets

Nowadays, we can’t live without our smartphones, laptops, computers, gaming systems, etc. There won’t be a shortage of topics to write about here, as new tech is always coming out. 

Even brands as well-established as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have new models coming out almost yearly. This means you can keep writing reviews of the latest gadgets. Side-by-side comparisons with older models and/or brands can be helpful too.

In addition, you can post about cybersecurity tips, as it’s more important than ever to protect yourself online. Data breaches are common, and phishing attempts are far and wide.

Other topics to explore here are how-to guides for tech troubleshooting and explainers on emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, and blockchain.


Lifestyle and Fashion

Fashionistas will definitely enjoy this niche, so if you feel like you can go on and on about the latest trends, then you won’t have an issue thinking things up.

For every blog post, you can discuss seasonal fashion trends and make predictions for the upcoming season. If you’re passionate about your carbon footprint, you can also name sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

Another reliable topic to write about is makeup and skincare. Not only can you recommend certain products, but you can do tutorials too.

As far as lifestyle topics go, home decor and DIY projects are outstanding ones to fall back on. Both renters and homeowners are always looking for ways to upgrade their properties without paying exorbitant amounts for contractors.


Try Out These Blog Ideas

Starting your own blog can be fun, as you can put your thoughts down on paper for others to see. And if you want to monetize these posts, you can start your own business to keep your personal life separate from your business one.

It can be tough to think up blog ideas though, so it’s great to have a general picture of what you want to write about before getting started. That, plus a well-thought-out content calendar, can help keep your blog page updated regularly with fresh posts.

If you’d like assistance setting up your blog writing company, then sign up with Business Anywhere today. Our comprehensive services will make everything easy.

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