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9 Self Employment Ideas To Make Money!

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Currently, there are over 10 million self-employed people in the US, which only accounts for around 6% of the country’s workforce.

It’s understandable why this number is so low though; while you’d benefit from being your own boss, everything rests on your shoulders. There’s high risk, and not many small businesses make it past a few years.

Yet trading in your traditional job for a self-owned business can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You just have to pick the right concept.

Read on for some great self-employment ideas you can consider if you need inspiration.

9 Self Employment Ideas

1. Consulting

Chances are, you’ve built up years of experience and knowledge in your career. You may have also done this with hobbies and interests.

Either way, you’re an expert in a specific area, so put this to good use by becoming a consultant. People will value what you have to say, so they’ll be more than happy to pay for consulting services.


2. Coaching or Personal Training

This is similar to consulting, but more specific; you’ll be helping people shape their lives for the better in areas such as fitness, life coaching, business coaching, or career development.

Your services can be most effective in one-on-one settings, but keep your mind open. Some workplaces may want group training sessions, and these can pay well. However, not everyone is cut out to deliver large-scale interactions, so factor in your comfort level here.


3. Tutoring

Have you always had a knack for academic topics? Then make use of that knowledge effectively by tutoring students.

Historically, pupils have always needed assistance with studying. However, this issue has become amplified by the pandemic. There aren’t enough tutors for students, so when it comes to self-employed job ideas, this one can be lucrative.

There’s lots of flexibility here too. You can go the more traditional route and go to pupils’ houses, have them come to yours, or meet in a space like a library. 

However, you can make things much more convenient by offering online tutoring. All you and your tutees have to do is log on with a steady internet connection to conduct your sessions.

4. Pet Services

If you have an affinity toward animals, then it’ll be fulfilling to offer pet services to your local community. This is one of the most ideal work-for-yourself ideas possible since you don’t answer to anyone but yourself.

Think about your strengths and tailor your pet services that way. For example, you can provide pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, or even pet training classes.


5. Event Planning

Most people don’t have a clue as to how to effectively plan an event so it goes smoothly. Not to mention, it’s their big day, so they don’t want to be stressed out about the details either.

Those with a penchant for organization and order will thrive as an event planner. You can help both individuals and businesses plan and coordinate events, ranging from weddings to corporate conferences.

You’ll have to do a lot of networking though, especially if you want to get good deals with vendors. In addition, you’ll have to work hard at maintaining excellent relationships with these people and companies.


6. Food Services

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, then why not make money off your creations? There are many opportunities here too, so you won’t be stuck in a small box.

For example, if you’re an avid baker, then you can sell custom cakes and pastries. Or if you’re a Mexican food aficionado, you can buy a food truck and sell street food at local events. Another idea is to start a catering business if you can handle large orders without majorly stressing out.

Do note that you’ll most likely need to get a food safety license or certification.

self owned business baking
You can have self owned business baking if you have the skills!

7. Content Creation

Content creation is one of the best ideas for self-employment if you’d rather avoid in-person interactions. It’s great for monetizing your passions while sharing your knowledge with others who are just as enthusiastic about the topics as you are.

You can start a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. You may not be able to make money on these things at first, but as time goes on and your audience grows, you can earn an income through ads, sponsorships, or merchandise sales.

Before you do that though, you should get business registration services through Business Anywhere. We’ll set up your LLC in a timely fashion so everything you’re doing is above board.


8. E-commerce

Another on the list of self-employed ideas from home is ecommerce. You can start an online store and sell products through platforms like Shopify and Etsy.

If you’re talented and can make your own arts and crafts, then you can sell your handmade items. Otherwise, consider selling vintage items, digital products, or other goods.

Whatever you choose, ensure you know the best practices so you’re set up for success.


9. Real Estate

Real estate is a solid self-employed career to pick, as you’ll exercise your local know-how by being a trusted real estate agent. However, it takes a lot of hard work and testing to get your license, so make sure to study up.

If you have a bit of extra cash and don’t like the idea of becoming a realtor, you can invest in property and manage rentals instead. Being a landlord can bring in some passive income, and you may even be able to combine this with other ideas on this list.


Consider These Self-Employment Ideas

As you can see, there are plenty of self-employment ideas, and these don’t even scratch the surface. The world’s your oyster, so think about what you’re good at, then put together a business plan from there.

Once you get your company set up, you can become a self-sufficient person who doesn’t rely on another business or boss to earn a decent living. That in itself will be worth the hard work and risks you take to create your own business.

Make self-employment easier by signing up for a Business Anywhere account. Our services will allow you to fully focus on your passion, while we take the hassle out of setting it all up!

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