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Can I Get a PO Box In Another State?

can i get a po box in another state

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Are you wondering, can I get a PO Box in another state? The short answer is yes, and we will explain all the details in this article. This will help you choose the best location for your PO Box and we share the different types of services you can choose from. 

We’ll also share some of the top reasons for why you may want to get a PO Box in a different state. This might be because you travel around the country or want privacy to avoid people knowing where you live. 

How to Get a PO Box in Another State

Let’s start by considering the top requirements of opening a PO Box in another state. These requirements are board guidelines that might change and vary depending on the PO Box service you choose. 

Firstly, you can register a PO Box service in any state from another state using USPS. This is convenient if you plan on moving in the future and don’t have plans to use the PO Box right now. However, you’ll still need to go to the other state where your mail is located. 

Here is what you need when wondering, can I get a PO Box in a different city: 

  • Identification: You’ll need to give the postal office ID, which includes a photo ID and one verifying your physical address. 
  • Payment: You’ll need to pay for the PO Box service. 
  • PO box keys or combination: You’ll need to obtain the details required to open the PO Box in the other state. The way you access a PO Box varies based on the service and location you choose. 

can i get a po box in another state

Top Options For Getting a PO Box In Another State

You have three options when choosing to get a PO Box in another state. In this section, we’ll summarize them briefly to help you choose the right one. It’s important to match your choice for the budget, local options, and intended use cases. This section also covers how to get a PO Box without an address. 

For example, a local PO Box may be just what you need for receiving physical mail while out of the country. However, a virtual mailbox service might be the best choice to automate and scale their company. 

United States Postal Service

Getting a PO Box from the United States Postal Service is the trusted option. You can count on them to provide a reliable service, and they have infrastructure all over the country. Also, the rates tend to be competitive, and there’s no need to spend time doing background research on the service. 

You can count on the USPS to be around for a long time, which means there’s no need to change PO Box service providers. Also, the USPS will reliably deliver your mail to a PO Box in any state. 

PO Box Companies

There is a large number of PO Box companies to choose from. There are a lot of similarities between these services, and here are some ideas for choosing the right one:

  • Cost: Compare the cost to save money on your PO Box service provider. The industry has fierce competition, which means you can save a lot of money. 
  • Sizes: Make sure you’re able to find the PO Box provider with your desired sizes. Some focus on offering a lot of small lockers, while others allow you to receive large boxes. Businesses should offer services with more flexibility to meet their evolving needs. 
  • Security: You cannot compromise the security of your mail. Hence, you’ll need to pay attention to the locking mechanism for the PO Boxes. Also, do they have cameras facing the PO Box location? What if your mail gets stolen – will you be compensated for your loss? 

Virtual Mailbox Services

Arguably the best of the three options for receiving mail in another state is virtual mailbox services. This type of service can be thought of as a virtual PO Box that receives mail on your behalf. You’ll need to complete the USPS Form 1583, which permits the service to legally accept mail on your behalf. 

Also virtual mailbox services are a good choice for those who are wondering, can I get a PO Box with an out of state ID. Yes, you can and hence it’s a flexible option for business owners.

Here are some of the benefits of virtual mailbox services: 

  • Ideal for business: With a PO Box you need to pick up the mail manually. On the other hand, a virtual mailbox service handles the physical mail. Mail scanning is a part of their service, which means you can access your mail digitally from any location. 
  • Extra services: Many virtual mailbox services provide extra services that can help your business. For example, they may offer a registered agent service that can handle legal mail on behalf of your business. This will save you time and help you attend to the legal matters in the correct manner. 
  • Online notary service: Some virtual mailboxes offer an online notary service. This is required for legal documents. Ensuring your legal documents can get signed by the same service saves time and money.  

Such services have locations all around the country where they can receive and scan mail. Do you like the sound of what virtual mailbox services have to offer? Then consider using the virtual mailbox service here at Business Anywhere. We scan mail quickly and provide an optimized dashboard where you can access the mail. 

Final Thoughts on Can I Get a PO Box In Another State

You can get a PO Box in another state. It’s a good idea if you’re moving, have a business with different locations, or need to hide your physical address. For example, if you are a content creator online, you share your PO Box instead of your home address if fans want to send you gifts. 

However, if you prefer a virtual mailbox service instead of a PO Box, then Business Anywhere is here to help. We provide a professional mailbox service that can help you set up a business or receive mail while traveling the world. 

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