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Can I Notarize Documents Online? Online Notary Service

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Are Online Notaries Legitimate? How to use an E Notary? 

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Did you come across an online notary service or a virtual notary website, and are wondering whether it’s legitimate? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to notarize documents remotely, but aren’t sure if it’s possible? 

In this article, we’ll explain to you what it means to notarize documents online and how to do it correctly. 

What Are Notary Services?

Notarization is an official way to prevent fraud, verify documents, and ensure correct execution. A notary public is commissioned by the state. They have no personal interest in the transaction or contracts they’re verifying, and therefore can be trusted to carry out the verification without conflict of interest. 

The notary public will check that the person signing the document is who they say they are, and that they understand what they’re signing. 

Why Do I Need to Notarize Documents? 

Notarization is important. Especially in the cases of power of attorneys, wills, or estate deeds. The notary public is commissioned by the state to carry out this due diligence and protect people and businesses from fraud. 

Can I Notarize Documents Online? 

Yes. You can notarize documents remotely with a notary public online. 

This is a fairly recent practice. Remote Online Notarization (RON) became popular after e-signatures (E-SIGN) were accepted as an official way of signing documents.

Online notarization is a natural progression from e-signatures, catering to digital entrepreneurs, expats, and nomads. RON also became necessary during the worldwide pandemic. It allowed for businesses and transactions to continue without slowing down, despite the multiple lockdowns. 

Online notaries offer their services to individuals and businesses from all over the US and the rest of the world. 

How Remote Notarization Works

Remote notarization is the same as in-person notarization, the only difference is that it’s done via a video conference and with the use of e-signatures. 

The notary will still check your Identification Documents (ID), and talk to you about the documents you’re signing. You’ll have to electronically send the documents you’re notarizing to the notary, before the appointment. The notary will ask you to sign the document electronically, and they will do the same on their side. Essentially creating an electronic seal. 

Online notarization is just as secure and safe as an in-person notarization. 

How To Notarize Documents Online/ Remotely?

To notarize documents online you will need to use a specialist online notary service. 

You can find thousands of online notaries online. Most of them act as the mediator between the notary public and the person needing the service (you). 

Businessanywhere.io is the only platform that was designed with digital entrepreneurs, nomads, and expats in mind.

We don’t just connect you with a notary public. Our platform offers you a modern dashboard from where you can access the online notarization service as well as other services like a virtual mailbox, or a remote business registration service

Which States Allow Online Notary Services?

When you notarize your documents online, they will be accepted in all states. This is true, even though not all states have passed bills to legalize online notarization. 

Which States Accept Remote Notarization: Read Here

The states which have not yet approved online remote notarization, have already approved e-signatures. So, although they don’t allow their notaries to notarize online, they accept all documents that were notarized online by notaries from different states. 

All of our remote notaries operate from states that allow RON. 

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