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How to Come Up With Food Truck Names (Over 400+ Examples!)

food truck names

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American food trucks make anywhere between $23,000 to over $100,000 per year. As you can see, it can be quite a gamble to try this endeavor, but it can be rewarding as well.

If you’re already a genius in the kitchen and have some secret recipes up your sleeve, then a huge part of the hard work is already done. But to attract the masses, you need to appeal to them. And to do that, you need a company name that truly stands out and shines.

Read on to see how to come up with food truck names so yours is the best one possible, plus as a bonus, we’ve created over 400 food truck name ideas for you as inspiration!

Consider the Cuisine You’re Serving

Before you even thought about buying a food truck, you probably picked a cuisine and developed a menu first. If you haven’t, then do that now.

From there, you can choose a food truck name that reflects this cuisine. It should give customers an immediate idea of what type of food you serve.

Think about keywords or phrases associated with your cuisine. Consider incorporating specific dishes, ingredients, or cooking styles into the name to convey the essence of your offerings. For example, if you specialize in burgers, you might want to include words like “grill,” “juicy,” or “gourmet” in your food truck name.

Be Creative and Unique

Stand out from the crowd by brainstorming creative and original name ideas. Avoid cliches or generic terms that might make your food truck blend in with others.

Have some fun with it and think outside the box. Try using wordplay, puns, or cultural references related to your cuisine or personal background. You can count on funny food truck names to stick in people’s minds.

However, you should think long-term; choose a name that’ll grow with your business and stand the test of time as your food truck expands or diversifies its offerings. Stay away from trendy or gimmicky names that may become outdated quickly.

If there’s a personal story or connection behind the name, share it with your customers to create a deeper emotional connection. Personal anecdotes or experiences can add authenticity and sincerity to your brand, making it more relatable and memorable to customers.

A unique and memorable name will help your food truck leave a lasting impression on customers. Plus, it’ll provide a strong foundation for your brand’s identity and reputation. Highlighting the human element behind your company can help differentiate your business from competitors and grow loyalty among customers.

Consider Branding

Your food truck name should align with your overall branding strategy

Factor in the atmosphere and experience you want to create for your customers. Think about how the name will fit with your logo, color scheme, and menu design.

Also, ensure that the name resonates with your target audience and reflects the personality of your brand.

Keep It Short and Simple

You’ve probably heard of “KISS” (“keep it simple, stupid”). Well, that concept applies here too.

Many studies have found that people’s short-term memories can only hold five to nine words at a time. If your truck name is too long, people’s eyes will glaze over, and they’ll forget it immediately. Typically, shorter names are more practical for branding purposes as well. 

Avoid overly complicated or lengthy names that might confuse potential customers or make it difficult for them to find you online or on social media platforms. 

Use a Food Truck Name Generator

If you’re truly stuck when it comes to food truck name ideas, it doesn’t hurt to use a name generator. What’s great about these is that you can hit the button repeatedly to get a bunch of names, and you don’t have to pick any of them either.

Instead, treat the name generator as a source of inspiration. As you see the different names go by, a spark of creativity may happen. From there, you can let your imagination run free and have fun brainstorming more ideas.

(Or check out our ideas below!)

Check Availability

Before finalizing your decision, conduct thorough research to ensure that the name you’ve chosen isn’t already in use by another food truck or business in your area. It’s good to have several in mind, as you’re not quite done yet. Check online directories, social media platforms, and local business registries to see if the names are available.

You can also use Business Anywhere’s handy business availability checker. We can help you check both limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations. 

Not only that, but if your desired name’s untaken, you can use our business registration service directly, which only takes a few minutes to complete. Our services start at $37, so you won’t have to spend much money either.

If you’re not ready to form a company, but wish to keep the name, you can file a name reservation. In general, you’ll file with your Secretary of State, and they’ll reserve the name for you for up to 90 days.

Test It Out

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential names, gather feedback from friends, family, and/or potential customers. After sharing the names with them, ask for their honest opinions.

Consider conducting a survey or poll on social media to gauge which name resonates the most with your target audience. Pay attention to their reactions and preferences to help you make an informed decision.

Before officially adopting a name for your food truck, ensure that it’s not trademarked or copyrighted by another business. 

Conduct a thorough search of trademark databases and consult with a legal professional if necessary to confirm that your chosen name is legally available for use. This will help you avoid potential legal issues and protect your brand in the long run.

Do note that the legal considerations differ between LLCs/corporations and sole proprietorships/partnerships. The name availability and trademark checks only apply to the former group. 

If you’re forming a sole proprietorship or partnership, then an option is to file for a “doing business as” (DBA) name. Although this may not automatically mean protection for your company name, it’ll put your food truck name on state records. So if anyone does a name search, they’ll see yours, and as a result, they may choose a different name.

Food Truck Name Ideas

Here are some generic food truck names:

Flavor WagonBistro BusGastronomy on the Go
Tasty TrailsFlavor FleetSpice Sprinter
Curbside CuisineSizzle on WheelsFlavor Express
Nom Nom MobileFoodie Fusion TruckMobile Kitchen Magic
Rollin’ BitesChef’s CruiserTasty Tracks Truck
Street SavoryRoadside GourmetUrban Eats Wheels
Mobile MunchiesBites on the GoFoodie Freighter
Epic Eats ExpressFlavor Fiesta VanRoaming Recipes
Urban Flavor WheelsCulinary CaravanStreet Spice Shuttle
Gourmet RoadsterTaste Trekker TruckChow Chow Cruiser

Ideas for Breakfast Food Truck Names

Starting before sunrise? Check out these breakfast food truck names!

Sunrise SizzleRise & DineMorning Munchies
Breakfast BlissEarly Eats ExpressFlippin’ Flapjacks
Toasty TrailsBreakfast BonanzaSunny Side Up Truck
Morning Glory MealsCrispy Start CafeRise n’ Shine Wheels
Waffle WagonPancake ParadeBreakfast Bites Bus
Sunrise SustenanceOmelette OdysseyCereal Cruiser
Breakfast Burrito BusMaple Morning MunchBreakfast Buzz
Brunch on WheelsEggcellent EatsBacon Battalion
Cinnamon SwirlsBagel BrigadeMorning Fuel Truck
Breakfast BoosterOatmeal OasisBreakfast Banquet
Sausage SunriseDoughnut DriveBreakfast Barrel
Flaky PastriesBreakfast BeaconEarly Bird Eats
Morning MorselsBreakfast BeatboxBreakfast Buffet
Croissant CabYogurt YachtMorning Menu Mobile
Breakfast BravadoMorning Mingle MobileSunrise Sustainer
Hashbrown HavenBreakfast Banquet BusBreakfast Breakout

Taco Truck Names

Taking inspiration from cuisine south of the border? Know your tacos from your enchiladas? Try one of these fun names!

Taco TangoSizzle & SpiceMexi-licious
Taco TrailFiesta FlavorsCrunchy Cruiser
Taco TapasTaco TwistTortilla Truck
Taco TemptationsTaco TimeTasty Tacos Truck
Taco TopiaTaco TreatsTacos on Wheels
Taco TownTaco TakeoutTaco Fiesta
Taco TrystTaco TurnoverTaco Tundra
Taco TickleTaco TemptationTacos Galore
Taco TroveTacos Al FrescoTaco Tap-In
Taco TeaseTaco TangoTacos Ahoy
Taco TickleTaco TurfTortilla Turnpike
Taco TerrainTacos To-GoTacos ‘n’ More
Taco TakeoverTaco TornadoTacos & Treats
Taco TownTaco TransitTortilla Treats

Coffee Truck Names

Brewing up that morning cuppa joe? You’ll need a name that will hit harder than the caffeine!

Brewed BlissBean MachineJava Junction
Caffeine CruiserEspresso ExpressMorning Mojo Mobile
Perk Up WheelsBean BuzzJava Jaunt
Roast RoadsterCuppa CabBrew Break Bus
Coffee CartelBean BrigadeEspresso Escape
Caffeine CommuterBrewed on WheelsMobile Mocha
Java JiveCaffeine ConvoyRoast Route
Brewed to GoJava JourneyCup Runneth Over
Espresso ExpeditionBean BandwagonRoast and Roll
Brewed Bliss BusCaffeine CruisePerk Patrol
Bean BlitzEspresso EmissaryBrew Brothers
Coffee CavalcadeJava JoyrideRoast Revival
Cuppa CruiserBean BonanzaEspresso Endeavor
Caffeine CaravanBrews on BoardJava Jolt

Ice Cream Food Truck Names

Selling the sweet stuff? Try one of these name ideas

Scoop & RollChill ChariotFrozen Delights
Sweet ScoopsCreamy CruiserFrozen Fantasies
Chilly WheelsScoop SafariIce Cream Odyssey
Cone CrusaderCreamery on WheelsFrosty Treats Truck
Scoop SquadFrozen FrenzyIce Cream Express
Chilled CharismaScoop StreetCreamy Carnival
Frosty FlavorsCone ConnoisseurFrozen Funmobile
Scoop ShackSweet SwirlsChillville Chariot
Dairy DreamerScoop SymphonyIce Cream Adventure
Chill ChaserScoop SeekerFrozen Bliss Wagon
Cone QuestCreamy CaravanFrosty Fiesta
Scoop SlingerFrozen FusionChilled Out Cruiser
Cone CrazeScoop SafariFrozen Treats Trail
Ice Cream InsanityFrosty FrolicScoop Spectacular

Pizza Food Truck Name Ideas

Selling pie by the slice? Choose a name from our list:

Pizza PitstopCrust CrusadersSlice on Wheels
Mobile PizzeriaPizza PerfectionCrust & Craft
Rolling DoughPizza Parlor on WheelsMobile Slice
PizzamobileSlice SeekersCrust Connection
Pizza Party TruckRolling in DoughOven on the Move
Pizza PatrolDough DriftersCrust Cruiser
Slice SquadPizzawagonPizza Express
Rolling in FlavorDough DynastyMobile Pizza Oven
Pizza PitwagonCrust CarnivalSlice Savant
Rolling PiesDough DepotPizza Journey
Pizza PursuitCrust CartSlice Sensation
Mobile Slice HousePizza WheelsRolling Crust
Pizza PursuitDough DelightSlice Safari
PizzamaniaDough DazzlePizza Trailblazer
Crust KingdomRolling Stone PizzaSlice Star

Burger Food Truck Name Ideas

They’re the nation’s favorite fast food for a reason – everyone loves a burger! Name it right to get fans for life!

Burger BlissPatty PatrolGrill on Wheels
Burger BonanzaBun RunnersMobile Burger Bar
Burger BrigadeFlippin’ BurgersPatty Party Truck
Bun VoyageBurger BeastGrillin’ Gourmet
Burger BistroBun & Patty ExpressRolling Burger Joint
Burger BattalionPatty PursuitBurger Boulevard
Bun BuzzBurger BusGrillin’ Galore
Burger BeatPatty ParadeBunzilla
Bun RunBurger BandwagonPattywagon
Burger BlastBun VoyageGrill Master on Wheels
Burger BoundPatty PioneersMobile Grillers
Bun DynastyBurger ExpressFlaming Grill Truck
Burger BargePatty PushersRolling Burger Bash
Bun BlitzBurger BlitzGrill & Go

Dessert Food Truck Name Ideas

Are you creating after-dinner treats? Everyone with a sweet-tooth will want some of your desserts!

Sweet Street SweetsDessert DelightsTreats on Wheels
Sugar Rush RoverDessert DreamlandConfection Connection
Dessert DazzleSweet Tooth TruckIndulge on Wheels
Dessert DynastySugary SensationsDecadence on the Move
Dessert DelishSweet Escape TruckDessert Drive
Sugar Shack MobileHeavenly Treats TruckDessert Oasis
Blissful Bites BusConfectionery CruiserDessert Discovery
Sweet Spot SprinterDessert DrifterSugar Rush Runners
Delightful Dessert DriveSugar Scoop TruckSweetness on Wheels
Dessert DestinationTreat TruckSweet Swirls Shuttle
Sugar SafariDessert DiscoveryDelightful Delights Bus
Sugary SojournDessert DashSweet Serenity Mobile
Confection CaravanDessert Drive-ThruSweet Sensations Wagon
Dessert DashDessert DiscoverySugar Spin

Choose Superior Food Truck Names

It can be difficult to pick food truck names that’ll work perfectly for your business. But ultimately, you should have fun with it and see where your brainstorming sessions go.

And if you’re ever struggling, don’t be afraid to use a name generator. You can easily find them online and with the click of a few buttons, you can have hundreds of names at your disposal.

Now that you’ve got your food truck name squared away, it’s time to create your business. Sign up with Business Anywhere now and we’ll get your company registered within 10 minutes.

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