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How to Build Your Email List on a Low Budget

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Are you looking for ways to grow your email list but have no idea what strategies work? Then you’ll love the advice in this article that can help you get one of the biggest email lists in your niche. These tips are practical, and you can implement them without taking up much resources or time. 

For every $1 spent, email marketing returns $40. This is one of the best ROI stats in digital marketing. However, the exact ROI will differ based on your strategies and industry. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you get the most out of your email list so you can get more customers and ensure the business grows to new heights. 

Call to Action

Start by implementing as many call to action (CTA) on your website as possible to ensure that visitors are pushed towards the email sign-up letter. It should be a form that asks for the name and email address. Don’t ask for more details that you need to ensure the signup rate is as high as possible. 

Also, the CTA should be in places where they stand out. It will increase the conversion rate and ensure that your email list grows to new heights. Also, adding forms on your websites doesn’t cost any money, which is ideal if you’re on a low budget. 

Not sure how to craft CTA forms that convert? You can start by getting inspiration from looking at competitor websites. You’ll see that there’s a lot of examples that show how to successfully increase conversions. 

However, don’t copy your competitors since that’s in bad taste. Instead, you should look at their strategies for inspiration to increase your own chances of success. After all, visitors to your websites may already be subscribed to your competitors. 

Craft Emails The Right Way

It’s important to ensure that your emails are crafted in a way that provides value to the people on your email lists. This includes in week one and moving forward far into the future. Otherwise, they would unsubscribe, which can undo the hard work you did to get those subscribers. 

Here’s a few ideas for how to craft your emails:

  • Welcome email: starting the newsletter with a welcome email is a good way to set expectations. You can state what information you will provide and what they can expect moving forward. This ensures their subscribers know when to look out for your emails. 
  • Provide value: make sure to offer a lot of value upfront before you start selling to your email list. This can include tips on how to use your products or on the benefits of them. Also, you can share interesting news that will inform the audience about the state of the industry. 
  • Frequency: Ensure you don’t send the emails too often since they will be viewed as spam. Consider sending emails once or twice per week. You could ask the viewers via a survey to see if they are happy with the email frequency or decreasing it would be better. 

email list

Hire a Freelance Writer

Crafting emails takes practice to ensure you hit the sweet spot between getting the most sales and increasing the conversion rate to get more sales. However, if you don’t want to learn how to do this, you can hire a freelance writer. Even if you’re on a low budget, you can find good writers offering competitive rates. 

You’ll need to provide the freelance writer with what you want the email series to achieve, but they usually need little direction. Hiring a writer means that you have more time to get on with other tasks to make your business grow. 

Also, it’s a good idea to hire freelance writers that have experience with writing emails since that ensures they can get on with little direction. It means that you’ll get better end results for your business. 

Provide an Incentive

Offering an incentive to join your email list should be part of your CTA forms. There are many cost-effective offers you can provide on a low-budget, and here’s the top ones:

  • Discounts: you could provide new email subscribers with a discount for your products and services. It could be in the range of 10-20%, or more if your business can afford it. Also, you could limit the discount to your most profitable products to ensure that a margin is left. 
  • Free ebooks: offer an ebook download after subscribing to your email list. This ebook could have educational content or other handy material tour audiences will find useful. Such ebooks can be inexpensive to create and you can use them to increase the subscriber rate for years. 
  • Samples: you could offer free samples with the next purchase to increase the chances of getting subscribers. Make sure to include samples that the target buyer would find interesting. This could be samples of new products that are not yet selling. It will provide a feeling of exclusivity and create a buzz around subscribing. 

Customer Relationship Management Software

Don’t forget to take advantage of customer relationship management software to improve various aspects of the email campaign. It allows you to test the success rate of email campaigns and figure out the emails that need improvement

Also, it promotes email segmentation strategies, which are essential for increasing the targeting with each email. It will reduce the unsubscribe rate since the number of irrelevant and poorly targeted emails are decreased. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the strategies on how to build your email list on a low budget can transform the number of subscribers. Growing the business email list is important to ensure that you can generate a consistent number of sales from existing customers. 

In fact, for some businesses the email list is what provides the bulk of the revenue. It means getting it right can be the difference between business success and failure.

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