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How to Make an Amazon Storefront

how to make an amazon storefront

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On average, most Amazon sellers make $25,000 yearly; the most successful sellers make over 10 times that amount. If you’re looking for a change from your 9-to-5 office job, then becoming an Amazon seller can potentially change your life. Not only can you work from home, but you can also earn as much as you did before, if not more.

However, it’ll take some work to get started. For one, you’ll have to make an Amazon Storefront, which acts as the digital store your customers can browse.

Keep reading to see how to make an Amazon Storefront. We’ll give you tips on how to tweak it to perfection too.


How to Make an Amazon Storefront

There are two ways to make an Amazon Storefront: on desktop or mobile. Either way, it’s a free Amazon feature that shows off your brand’s products, and you’ll need to get an Amazon account first. 

In addition, you must either be a seller that’s enrolled in Brand Registry or a brand that’s selling directly to Amazon via Vendor Central. If you don’t already have Brand Registry, it’s easy, as long as you have a valid registered trademark in the same country as the Amazon marketplace you’re selling in.

We’ll go over both methods below so you can pick the one that’s more convenient for you.


Making an Amazon Storefront on Desktop

Log into your seller account, go to Seller Central, and click on “Manage my Storefront”. On the next page, you can add all the elements for your Storefront.

Add a profile photo so buyers can see who you are. You can also add a cover photo to further showcase your brand.

Next, fill out the page title. You can use your name, or you can fill in your brand name or social media username.

Lastly, add the page tagline, which will describe what your Storefront is. Don’t forget to click “save” before exiting.

Making an Amazon Storefront on Mobile

Open the Amazon Mobile App and sign in. Look toward the bottom and tap the icon that looks like a person. Select “Your Account”, “Your Storefront”, “Edit my Storefront”, then “Update Your Page”.

Here, you can edit all the elements like you can on desktop. For instance, you can add a profile photo, cover photo, page title, and page tagline. Hit “save” to ensure all your changes stay on your Storefront.


How to Build Your Amazon Storefront

You’ve created an Amazon Storefront, but to start selling on Amazon, you’ll need to build pages that visitors can browse. You can have as many as you like, and they can be three pages deep with up to 20 sections total on each.

If you’re not adept at web design, then not to worry. Amazon makes it easy, as each page starts with a template. These are the ones you can choose from:

  • Product grid
  • Highlight
  • Marquee
  • Blank

If you’re not completely happy with the layout of any of these, then you’ll be glad to know that you can modify them as you see fit.

To create sections on your pages, you’ll add tiles. The tile types are:

  • Product
  • Image
  • Image with text
  • Shoppable image
  • Text
  • Video
  • Background video
  • Bestseller
  • Product grid
  • Recommended products
  • Featured deals

Thanks to the preview function, you can play around with the page layouts until you’re satisfied. Make sure it’s 100% what you want; after you’ve submitted the pages for approval, you can’t make any modifications. If they’re approved and you want to change something, you’ll have to go through the whole approval process again.


Key Tips to Make Your Amazon Storefront Stand Out

Before we get into the tips, we’d like to mention that while it’s not necessary to form a legal structure to become a seller on Amazon, it’s highly recommended, especially since you need a valid registered trademark if you’re not a brand selling directly via Vendor Central. Plus, should you run into any financial issues, selling under a limited liability company (LLC) means you won’t be held personally responsible for the business’s debts and liabilities.

If you’re hesitant to create an LLC because you’re apprehensive of the potential paperwork, then rest easy knowing that Business Anywhere has your back. With our business registration services, you’ll have full support. We can get your LLC registered within a few days.

With that said, here are some helpful tips to make your Amazon Storefront stand out against your competition.

Make your Amazon storefront look great for maximum sales potential!

Use High-Quality Media

Amazon has a reputation to uphold, so they won’t approve your Storefront if you use low-quality images and video.

Not only should you take and upload high-resolution media, but you need to make sure your images and videos are properly resized too. If they’re not, they may become blurry, stretched out, or squished.


Proofread Your Text

Amazon also won’t approve pages with bad spelling and grammar since they’ll reflect poorly on them. 

Take the time to carefully read through your text; reading aloud can help you catch errors. If you’ve worked on it for hours, then a fresh set of eyes from a friend or partner can help.


Schedule Storefront Design Changes for Events and Holidays

Events and holidays are great times to attract shoppers, and this is feasible through Storefront design changes.

Typically, you’d submit a design and upon approval, it’d go live immediately. However, you can also schedule these approvals for a later publishing date. This comes in handy for specific periods when you want to promote certain items.

Do note that there are some restrictions surrounding certain events and holidays. For example, if you want to schedule a change for Black Friday, the changes can only go live up to seven days before the actual date.


Be a Successful Amazon Seller

Now that you know how to make an Amazon Storefront, you can quickly rise in the ranks of Amazon sellers. After starting an Amazon Store, you can list products for sale with the user-friendly templates provided.

Make sure that your pages are of the highest quality before submitting them to Amazon, as this will streamline the approval process. You’ll get familiar with the site and before you know it, selling on this platform will be second nature.

Register with Business Anywhere now if you’d like assistance with LLC business registration, registered agent service, virtual mailboxes, and more.

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