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How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

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Most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales, and super-sellers even break six digits!

Although there’s tons of money to be made through selling on Amazon, it’s not for everyone. Depending on the avenue you choose, it can be a lot of work to earn a decent income. Plus, it can be boring.

However, what’s great about Amazon is that it’s extremely versatile. There are other ways to profit other than directly selling products.

If you’re curious, then keep reading to find out how to make money on Amazon without selling.


Do Affiliate Marketing Through the Amazon Associates Program

Making money on Amazon without selling is fantastic if you’re a content creator. The Amazon Associates Program lets you leverage what you already do.

With this program, you can generate your own affiliate links, which are product links that are unique to you. You can then use them in your content, and when people click and purchase, you’ll earn a commission of anywhere between 1% to 10%.

This option allows you to keep doing what you love while bringing in more money. Results may vary though, depending on your niche and existing following.


Join the Amazon Influencer Program

The Amazon Influencer Program is also a good choice for content creators, especially if you specialize in videos. It does take a little more work though, as you’ll have to build your own Amazon Storefront. However, this is where you’ll publish your videos, photos, and live streams, so it’ll be worth the effort.

Essentially, you’ll review Amazon products on your personalized URL. These need to be items you’ve actually purchased; otherwise, your review won’t be an authentic one.

You can then earn commission through affiliate links or by sharing your Storefront page. If you’re lucky, Amazon may pick your Storefront to feature on their front page, so ensure it’s in tip-top shape to increase the chances of this happening.

As an influencer, you may want to conduct all business under a limited liability company (LLC) to keep your personal and business finances separate. Let Business Anywhere do all the hard work for you by picking one of our affordable business registration packages.


Perform Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a program that lists human intelligence tasks (HITs). These are jobs that require a human touch, which means they can’t be automated by machines or AI. Admittedly, you won’t make a fortune on this platform, but it’s still a nice source of income if you need some extra padding in your savings account.

To get started, you’ll need an Amazon account. Create a Worker account on MTurk, then you can access the database of available HITs. 

There are two types available: standard and qualification HITs. The former pays between $0.10 and $0.20 per HIT, while the latter pays $1.00 or more (these will take a little longer to complete).


Write Amazon Product Descriptions

If you’re wondering, “how can I make money on Amazon without selling” but still want to work with products, then writing product descriptions can be optimal for you. This is especially true if you’re a wordsmith who can easily convince people to buy things.

In addition to excellent writing skills, you’ll need search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge too. That way, you’ll select the best keywords that’ll get these products noticed.


Ghostwrite Ebooks

Not every writer will enjoy crafting product descriptions, and that’s ok. If you still want to utilize your writing skills, then try ghostwriting ebooks on Amazon.

This is an outstanding opportunity if you’ve always wanted to write a book but never got around to it. While you won’t get to put your name on the title, you won’t have to worry about marketing or selling it either.

Instead, once you’ve uploaded the finished product for your client, you’ll get paid right away. Then, it’s up to them to either publish under their own name or to keep it for personal distribution. 

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Sellinganything
You can ghostwrite e-books to turn a profit on Amazon

Participate in Amazon’s Trade-In Program

The Amazon Trade-In Program lets you make good use of devices you no longer use. Technically, you won’t make cash, but since you can trade in a number of things in exchange for Amazon gift cards, this means you won’t spend money from your bank account when shopping later on the site.

Clean out your closet and see if your belongings qualify for the program. If Amazon accepts the items you’ve submitted, they’ll send a shipping label. When they receive your mailed package, they’ll credit your account.


Become a Customer Support Agent

A wonderful work-from-home opportunity that doesn’t require prior skills or knowledge is customer support, which is ideal if you’re thinking about how to make money on Amazon without selling anything.

Amazon will provide all the training you need to help customers with their questions and concerns. And if you’re worried about rigid work shifts, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s flexible scheduling.

You’ll enjoy generous pay and benefits as well. More specifically, even though it’s a remote and part-time job, you’ll still get health insurance coverage and a 401(k) plan.


Be a Virtual Assistant for an Amazon Seller

Get a glimpse of what Amazon sellers do without actually being one by being a virtual assistant (VA). It can be fun if you’re great with research, as you’ll often have to look through Amazon to see which products are selling well. Sellers may also have you handle customer service issues to ensure their ratings remain stellar.

You should have terrific organizational skills, the ability to multitask, and exemplary communication skills to thrive in this role.

There Are Many Ways How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

You might’ve previously thought that the only way to profit on Amazon is to sell products. However, we’ve now shown you several ways how to make money on Amazon without selling.

This means you can explore numerous avenues to find what works and what doesn’t. As a result, you can make a decent income without having to sell products on Amazon.

If you’d like to form an LLC before profiting on Amazon, then register with Business Anywhere now.

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