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How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Amazon product listing

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Optimizing your Amazon product listings is an integral part of ensuring you receive the most traffic and get the highest conversion. However, it can be a tricky process if you have no experience. That’s because Amazon is becoming an increasingly more competitive marketplace, and you need to use the best strategies to get ahead. 

Amazon has  45% share of the US e-commerce market, which means it’s still the most popular platform for selling online. However, mastering the basics of optimizing your Amazon product listings is essential to increase your slice of that pie. Continue reading for the top tips that have proven to work for the best sellers at the e-commerce giant. 

Get the Title Right

Your product title is one of the first things customers look at when deciding if the product listing matches your search query. Therefore, it must be descriptive so that users understand what they can expect to see on the product listing page.   

Furthermore, it’s vital to add the correct keywords to the title for SEO reasons. The Amazon search results page ranking algorithm checks the title for keywords, and that is a big factor. You’ll notice how some sellers add multiple keywords in the title to get an SEO boost for many search phrases. 

Adding too many keywords can make the title difficult for the end user to read, so you need to strike the correct balance. Make sure to add the most important keywords, but also make it readable. 

Add Professional Images

In some cases, your images are all customers will inspect to determine if they want to buy the product. Therefore, they must be of the best quality you can manage. Here are a few tips for getting your Amazon images right:

  • High resolution: don’t add blurry images to your product listings. They should have a high resolution, so that customers can zoom in to inspect products. Most modern smartphones have a good enough camera to take professional images, so there is no excuse. 
  • Lifestyle photos: add lifestyle photos to showcase what your products look like when being used. This allows the customers to imagine themselves using the product and it will increase the likelihood of a sale. 
  • Annotated photos: add annotations to your photos to add vital information that users will find useful. For example, you can add a list of benefits to indicate why your products are better than the competition. Remember that some customers will not read your description, so showcasing the benefits in the photos is important. 

Data From Amazon Seller Software Solutions

Consider using Amazon seller software solutions like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, which allow you to receive vital metrics on each product listing. This includes the conversion rate and keywords that lead to the most traffic. Also, you’ll receive suggestions for what keywords you should add to increase your traffic. 

These software solutions have tools that enable you to create Amazon product listings from scratch. At the end of the process, you get a score for your product listings and suggestions for how you can make improvements. 

Improve Copywriting Quality

You’ll need to write excellent product descriptions and key features sections to convert. The writing must be a combination of to the point, informative, accurate, and interesting. If you don’t have copywriting experience, then perhaps it would be better to outsource the task to a professional. The cost of their service will pay for itself in the form of more sales. 

Also, make sure you use up as many characters as the product listing limits provide. This ensures you provide as much information as possible to educate the user on the functionality, features and benefits of your products. 

Not sure what to write on your product listing? Then do competitor research and have a look at what other sellers have written on theirs. Don’t copy any of the information that you find, but use it for inspiration. 

Amazon product listing

Add a Video

You’ll notice that some Amazon product listings have a video in the photos section. This requires a bigger effort and investment than generating product photos, but they are worth the trouble. In a video, you can convey a lot of information and thereby increase the conversion rate of your listing. 

Outsourcing the video creation process to a professional service ensures you get a great end result. Ideally, the video can convey all the benefits and show users how to use the product effectively. 

Do Keyword Research

As mentioned previously, you need to populate the product listing with the right keywords to drive traffic. Therefore, you’ll need to execute expensive keyword research to come up with these keywords. 

Software solutions like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer strong keyword research tools that will help you find a large number of keywords in a short period. Also, once you sign up for Brand Registry with Amazon, you’ll receive a lot of data that also helps with keyword research. 

Win the Buy Box

The Buy Box appears on the right side of a product listing, and sellers must compete to ensure their product is highlighted. To win the Buy Box, you need a good quality product listing and strong sales number. Also, if you’re not using Amazon FBA, your delivery performance must be excellent. 

Winning the Buy Box is essential because it greatly increases the likelihood of a sale. Also, if you’re selling private label products, then there is no need to compete for the Buy Box. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there is a lot that you can do to optimize your Amazon product listings, including adding a good title, photos, product description, keyword research, and winning the Buy Box. It’s important to master each of these, since any holes in your product listing strategy will leave you a step behind the competition. 

Also, you should always look for strategies to optimize your Amazon product listings. This ensures you stay competitive and improve your conversion rate allowing your business to grow. 

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