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How to Do an Ohio Business Entity Search

ohio business entity search

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Ohio ranks 42nd in the country in terms of state economy, which is enough for anyone to give it a pass. However, things aren’t as grim as they appear, and if you take a closer look, you’d realize that Ohio’s actually a diamond in the rough.

Truth be told, it’s one of the best places to start a small business, and many Fortune 500 companies already exist there.

Has this piqued your interest? Then you’ll want to start by doing an Ohio business entity search to ensure your company name is available. Read on to find out how to carry out this process.

The best place to start is the website for the Ohio Secretary of State. On the Business Services page, you can select the Business Search portal.

On this page, you can search by:

  • Business name
  • Exact business name
  • Prior business name
  • Agent/registrant
  • Organizer/incorporator
  • Number search

You can also do a trademark/service mark search by the following criteria:

  • Mark number search
  • Mark description
  • Mark registrant name

In the search bar for “Business name,” you’d enter the name you want. Here, you can also filter by:

  • All
  • Active
  • Cancelled
  • Dead

Click on “Search,” and it’ll bring up results below if there are any. These entries will show the entity, number, name, type, filing date, expiration date (if applicable), and report.

If you want to learn more about the business, click on “View report” and the popup will show you additional details. For example, you’ll see all the filing types they’ve done.

Check Google

A free and easy way to do an OH business search is to use Google (or the search engine of your choice).

Type in the name, “Ohio,” and a specific city name if you wish. Check out the results, and they should give you a good idea of whether or not you can proceed.

Use Our Business Search Function

We at Business Anywhere have a business registration page that details our services in a clear fashion. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also customizable and straightforward.

More importantly, there’s a business search function at the top. Fill out the business name, filter by LLC or corporation, and then click on “Check availability.”

We’ll immediately tell you if the name’s free. If so, then you can give us your details, then we’ll contact you promptly about business formation. Before you know it, you’ll be up and running.

Carry Out an Ohio Business Entity Search First

Before you settle on a company name, do an Ohio business entity search first. Without this crucial step, you might be disappointed, and you’ll have to start at square one again.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty quick process and there are several ways to find out if your desired business name is available. Once you’re certain, then you can proceed with the creation of your company, and you’ll be well on your way to pursuing your passion.

Sign up for an account with Business Anywhere today to start your dream business. We can get you set up in all 50 states!

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