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How to Make a Great Small Business Tagline

small business tagline

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Want to create buzz and curiosity over your brand? Then the one thing you need to get right is your small business tagline.

It might not seem like a huge thing, but think about it. When someone says, “Just do it,” doesn’t “Nike” pop into your head immediately? This is because the company’s done a fantastic job with its tagline.

Of course, you want the same success for your own brand. That way, you’re instantly recognizable, and people will talk about your company.

Read on to see how you can make a great small business tagline.


Understand Your Brand

This might seem like a very basic step, but your tagline needs to be short, sweet, yet punchy. If you don’t know your brand inside and out, then it can be a real challenge to come up with something that resonates and makes a tremendous impact.

The main things to consider are your brand’s:

It’s important to focus on what sets your business apart from your competitors.

Plus, think about what emotions or associations you want your tagline to evoke. You’ll have to pick your words carefully to ensure these come across clearly and strongly.


Know Your Audience

Your target audience’s preferences and demographics will play a huge part in how you craft your business tagline. For example, if you cater to a younger audience, then you’ll want to use more casual language, whereas formal words are more appropriate for older consumers.

The tagline should also reflect your brand’s tone and voice. For instance, if your brand is casual and fun, then it should reflect that. On the other hand, if your brand is professional and serious, then convey that.

At the same time, avoid jargon or trending language. You want your tagline to be timeless, after all. Although using modern slang can catch people’s attention now, it’ll quickly become outdated, and you don’t want to keep updating your tagline.


Keep It Short and Simple

We mentioned earlier that your small business tagline needs to be short. It should be simple as well, as this will make it easier for people to remember.

Ideally, it should be no longer than a few words or a short phrase. If you can achieve brevity while capturing the essence of your brand, then you’ve done a fantastic job!

A great way to do so is to use strong, evocative language. Choose words that evoke emotions or paint a vivid picture. Strong and descriptive language will definitely make your tagline more compelling.


Be Unique and Memorable

There’s only so much you can say with a few words or short phrase, so it’s tempting to use cliches and general phrases. After all, everyone remembers them, and for good reason, right?

However, being unoriginal means you won’t stand out from the crowd. Often, these cliches and general phrases can be applied to any business, so if someone says them, they’ll be hard-pressed to remember which company’s tagline it is.

You should instead focus on what makes your business distinctive. From there, you can shape your tagline to reflect that.

On that note, you should turn to your USPs if you’re struggling. If you’re able to incorporate them, then you can help reinforce why customers should choose you. Your goal is to show them which problems you can solve and how you can make their lives better and easier.


Make Sure It’s Versatile

An excellent tagline should work well across various marketing materials, from business cards to websites. All too many people mistakenly have tunnel vision, so they make a tagline that’s perfect for their website, but not for other types of marketing.

So make sure yours is adaptable and doesn’t restrict your branding efforts. It may be worth having a discussion with your marketing team to get some help.


Use a Slogan Generator

If you need some inspiration, you can use a slogan generator. You’ll see what makes a good slogan as you go through your options, and you may even happen upon some that are so outstanding that you can tweak to make your own.

Never take taglines straight from these generators. Chances are, other people have the same idea, and you might accidentally pick the same one they have. Besides, customizing your tagline will add a special touch that’ll truly make it yours.


Check Trademarks

Before you go any further, you should check for trademark availability. You shouldn’t spend hours perfecting a tagline, only to find that someone’s already beaten you to it.

You can always perform a search yourself. However, if you want peace of mind, you can consult with a legal professional too.

If you haven’t even started your business yet, it’s a good time to check trademarks on your potential company name too. Then, have Business Anywhere register your LLC. With our affordable and fast services, you’ll be in operation before you know it.


Test and Tweak

Come up with a list of potential taglines to use so you have some flexibility. Then, test them out on your friends, family, and colleagues. If you have the budget for it, you can even get a small focus group of your target audience.

With the feedback you receive, make adjustments as needed. You can also toss out taglines that didn’t resonate so you can narrow things down further.


Create an Amazing Small Business Tagline

If you don’t already have a small business tagline, then you should make one. Not only will it help with branding, but it’ll also help you set your company’s voice apart from the crowd.

Even though your tagline is a catchphrase that’s short, you need to spend more than a few minutes thinking one up. All the best slogans for small businesses are memorable and unforgettable, so ensure yours is too. That way, your brand will be a name to remember for all time.

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