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What are the Do’s and Don’t’s of business task automation

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Do you know the do’s and don’t’s of business task automation to improve efficiency and revenue generation? It involves computerizing your company operations with advanced technology, which reduces human intervention.

Automation is the best productivity booster because it encourages collaboration and speeds up business operations. It bridges gaps between teams and minimizes potential errors and unnecessary mistakes.

Are you a beginner seeking information about the do’s and don’t’s of business task automation? Join us as we discuss the task of computerization in more in-depth and the processes that require the technology.

What is business task automation?

Business automation uses advanced technology to computerize repetitive, manual tasks. It increases efficiency, minimizes costs, and simplifies complex tasks for employees. It often leads to effective customer service and better staff satisfaction.

Leveraging the technology helps you perform crucial functions beyond record keeping and conventional data manipulation. The process involves using automation software and tools to make work easier. Optimizing business tasks standardize product development and prevent mistakes during a workflow.

Research reveals that 80% of companies using marketing automation get increased leads and revenue. Furthermore, It helps you find the right balance, shifting your efforts toward what matters.

What should you automate

Email campaigns and social media posting are a few business tasks that require technology. Office management and application integration are other processes to computerize. Let’s dig into the details:

Social media posting and email campaigns

Since over 70% of small businesses have social media presence, automating posts reduces customer service response time. It’s a ROI traffic strategy with predefined rules, allowing you to personalize messages to clients based on specific actions.

It increases engagement and brand awareness, including data collection for decision-making and analytical reporting.

Automating social media posting can help manage and respond to chats, interactions, and comments. It improves online relationships and builds credibility with customers. It’s also the best way to reach your audience with digital adverts on a budget.

Leveraging technology for your email campaigns makes your marketing strategy scalable. Lastly, it might help clients learn more about your brand and improve customer retention rates.

Office management

Managing your office is another business task to automate. Keeping your workspace running doesn’t always require a part-time or full-time employee. You track supplies and orders with excellent automation software and hardware solutions. 

These advanced technologies enable you to store confidential office information securely. You can create and update a spreadsheet, exchange data or supervise and monitor projects in the workspace.

For example, Branch Management Software has a reliable, interconnected networking facility enabling collaboration and communication flow.

With a scheduling and workplace platform, teams can schedule rooms with a click. Digitalization allows you to manage time and mail with Android and iOS mobile apps.


Automating communication and tasks between two or more business apps is an excellent reason to embrace computerization. Integrations refer to using low-cost tooling and artificial intelligence to connect systems from multiple providers.

You can integrate apps and instruct them to follow a simple command anytime through the digital storage. It enables data transfer between systems and limits human contributions, which keeps the organization in top condition.

Slack, Gmail, Quickbooks, and Salesforce are a few business digitalization software for these purposes. They improve business processes, ensure accuracy, and reduce time and resources.

What you shouldn’t automate

Customer support and brand voice are tasks that don’t require automation. Quality control is another organizational practice you shouldn’t digitalize to maximize business potential

Customer support

Getting replies from a robot after contacting a company doesn’t sit well with many customers. The machine not providing the necessary answer to critical questions is the common reason for their frustrations.

Clients seek satisfaction, which keeps your business running, so it’s best not to automate this crucial task.

However, you’ll need talented account managers, onboarding specialists, and customer success representatives who are readily available daily.

This solid team of professionals can respond to emails, answer support lines, and manage customer requests. They can also manage your employees and set up a virtual mailbox for the company’s success.

Brand voice

Another business practice entrepreneurs shouldn’t automate is the organization’s brand voice. It’s the personality of your company that’s visible in all communication forms. It also serves as a guide on how to say things and should reflect the establishment’s values.

Artificial intelligence or other automation tools is not the best idea for this task. Consider hiring professional brand content writers to create valuable and engaging adverts and blogs for promotions.

Automation tools often sound cold and robotic, which some customers find unwelcoming. Besdies, using them will affect the brand’s tone and could lead to a business disaster.

Quality control

Quality control is the most crucial part of any company or industry. It’s the process where products or services undergo testing and measurement to ensure accuracy and premium standards. 

Automating this task could lead to inconsistencies that jeopardize your company’s reputation.

Consider hiring experienced professionals to focus on providing customers with quality assurance. It’ll ensure high standards for your services and help businesses minimize unnecessary errors. Since products can range based on industries, get these professionals to ease customer worries.

Key takeaways

Understanding the do’s and don’t’s of business task automation is crucial for every entrepreneur. Not knowing the digitization processes can affect customer services, derailing your company’s progress. Computerized assignments are excellent in certain areas but have to function correctly.

With technological advances, a business can accomplish tasks with little human intervention. Lastly, it saves the company time and resources, but consider starting with the most straightforward processes.

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