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4 Common Virtual Mailbox Myths

Virtual Mailing Address

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Do you know the common virtual mailbox myths hindering entrepreneurs from the service? These misconceptions are why many business owners don’t benefit from these platforms’ distinctive features and plans.

Many believe virtual mailboxes are not secure and offer only mailing addresses, which is false. Other misconceptions include claiming that the services are equal in features and capabilities.

Are you ready to discover common virtual mailbox myths and benefit from their distinctive features? Join us as we discuss the service misconceptions in-depth to end misinformation.

1.      All Virtual Mailbox offer is a Mailing Address

The most common virtual mailbox myth is that the service provides users with only a mailing address and nothing more. However, it proffers a secure location address to remote business owners who lack a storefront for receiving and sending packages. But it offers much more.

A professional business image and enhanced privacy protection are virtual mailbox services besides a permanent mailing address. You’ll also get access to check to deposit, mail forwarding and scanning, which enables quick payment and saves precious time.

You’ll benefit from the virtual mailbox’s exceptional privacy and anonymity protection as it conceals your address on documentation. It includes filling out business documents when updating your website to form a limited liability company. 

Furthermore, it provides a commercial address, so customers don’t know where you live.

A virtual mailbox provides your company with an inexpensive professional image. It’ll build credibility and trust for your business, which is crucial when starting without a loyal customer base.

You can use the commercial mailing address for marketing and communications, eliminating biased notions about your professional services. You’ll also get additional features enabling you to deposit checks from your home, even when on your dream vacation.

2.      Virtual Mailboxes are insecure

One of the most common virtual mailbox myths is about security. There are claims that the service is not secure, which is invalid. Although security measures vary from one virtual mailbox to another, they’re safer than physical mailboxes and perfect for preventing mail theft.

A virtual mailbox eases the fears of your valuables getting lost with 24-hour video and audio surveillance. Furthermore, it keeps your packages safe with an alarm system for intruders and facial recognition cameras to access critical areas.

Some virtual mailbox services offer background checks and pre-screening for all employees handling mail. They also provide HIPAA Compliance protocols, which keep your health-related information confidential. 

You also get multi-factor authentication through your desired applications or SMS Text.

A virtual mailbox shreds and destroys postal mail items and all documents under strict supervision on your request. Sensitive information sent to and from the servers has bank-level SSL encryption. It doesn’t store your password as clear text and protects them with a high-level SHA-256 algorithm.

Lastly, all processed credit card transactions use secure encryption that protects your billing information.

3.      Your Virtual Mailbox Address Will Be a PO Box

The information is incorrect if you’ve ever heard that all virtual mailing addresses are PO boxes. Whether you’re getting a PO Box or physical address for your business depends on your selected service.

PostScan and Earth Class Mail are mailbox services providing a network of virtual offices and PO boxes. PostScan offers users a mix of PO boxes and street address locations for efficient company operations.

If you seek a virtual PO Box that meets the company’s demands and suits your remote business needs, PostScan or Earth Class Mail is ideal. But consider a VPM virtual mailbox when seeking a real street address for your organization.

All VPMs come paired with a street address helpful for mailing and business purposes, which serves you better. Besides, they’re ideal for entrepreneurs who avoid using home addresses when forming a limited liability company.

4.      Virtual Mailboxes Are Equal

Another common virtual mailbox myth is that each service is equal. Although there are some similarities, every service offers distinctive features, plans, pricing and technology. 

With most services, you can manage your mail on the go with an application available for iOS and Android users. It’s another benefit of having virtual mailboxes.

Some provide access to unlimited cloud storage, deposit checks remotely and allow you to scan mail as a PDF file. You might also use software integrations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote with different virtual services.

Some virtual mailboxes offer phone and fax forwarding services with free mail storage for thirty days. Furthermore, you may get more than 900 real street addresses to select from in the United States and internationally.

You can choose from a pool of over 150 addresses to receive packages and mail with a PostScan mailbox. Entrepreneurs who prefer holding into information can benefit from unlimited cloud storage.

Earth Class Mail offers over 80 mailing addresses with access to check depositing services, mail forwarding and scanning. Lastly, you’ll enjoy a professional business image and an extra layer of privacy protection with the mailbox service.

Key takeaways

Now you know the common virtual mailbox myths, remember the service is better than having just a mailing business address. You can make decisions while building credibility for the organization and protecting your privacy.

Many virtual mailboxes have safety features such as data encryption and state-of-the-art security. They keep your packages and mail safe from malicious hackers, ensuring it’s in safe hands.

While some mailboxes provide PO boxes, most don’t, so check them carefully before selecting. Each has a unique overall experience and features, helping you decide which works best for your business.

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