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Become An Amazon Seller – Top Advantages

Amazon seller

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Are you interested in becoming an Amazon seller, but are not sure if it offers enough advantages? Fortunately, there is a big list of benefits to choosing Amazon as your e-commerce platform. Also, you’ll appreciate the many perks of using this business model that’s unique compared to others. 

In Q1 Of 2022 alone, Amazon received 5.6 billion visitors. A large amount of traffic is one of the reasons why choosing to run your business on Amazon is a no-brainer. It’s like opening a market stall on the highest footfall street in your city. Continue reading to learn more about why becoming an Amazon seller is a great choice. 

FBA Makes Things Easy For Amazon Sellers

Amazon FBA is a fulfillment service that allows you to send inventory to their warehouses, which they will send to customers once orders are placed. Therefore, you never have to touch your own inventory since you can send it from your supplier straight to Amazon FBA warehouses. 

This allows a solo business person or small team to scale without limits because no time-consuming manual labor is required. This is especially great for those who don’t want to deal with stock directly and would prefer to work on the computer to manage their business. 

Also, Amazon FBA handles customer returns and other aspects of the selling process. Overall, using the service is a good starting point for new business owners who don’t have many skills. 

Amazon Does The Marketing

Marketing is one of the toughest aspects of running an online business and can affect your profits. Also, it can take time and resources to create successful digital marketing campaigns. 

However, Amazon’s strong brand name and website does the majority of the marketing for you. That’s because they generate millions of users per day across a wide range of niches. You’ll simply need to compete against other Amazon sellers for the sale. This requires Amazon PPC and will cost you to win bids for the best keywords. 

Amazon Is A Trusted Brand Name

Amazon is one of the biggest and most trusted e-commerce websites out there. Hence, by placing your product as an Amazon listing, you’ll receive a lot of trust from visitors who have never seen your it before. Also, generate many good customer reviews with an average star rating of at least 4.0 and customers will trust you even more. 

In comparison, if you were to launch a new website to sell products, you’ll need to showcase why your brand is trustworthy. This can be difficult and you may lose many customers that prefer to stick with known brands. 

Amazon seller

Create Your Own Lifestyle

Becoming an Amazon seller allows you to set up a life on your own terms. You can travel the world and run the business from the comfort of your laptop. Also, you can work on your own schedule. Work 60 hours per week or just a handful – it’s totally up to you. 

The business model caters to workaholics and those who are just looking for a side hustle to make some extra money. Hence, the high degree of flexibility is one of the benefits of starting this business model.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon sellers have access to a dashboard called Seller Central. It’s informative and allows you to see an overview of your business. Also, you get live data and insights about the performance of various product listings. 

Furthermore, there is a dedicated customer support team you can contact for help with overcoming obstacles. Whereas, if you were to run our own website, you wouldn’t have anyone to turn to.

Finally, if you opt for Brand Registry, then you get even more perks in the dashboard. This includes market research tools to get a better understanding of competitor sales numbers. 

Low Barrier To Entry

While getting started on Amazon does have some requirements, they are not so difficult to qualify for compared to other business models. This means that most people can realistically start and run an Amazon business if they put their minds to it. Here are some of the top reasons why starting an Amazon business has a low barrier to entry. 

  • Start up funds: the amount of money required to start an Amazon business is in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. This is a relatively smaller number compared to other business models where you may need 10-20x this number. 
  • Flexible schedule: the flexibility of the schedule for running an Amazon business ensures you can begin while working a main job. Therefore, anyone can sacrifice some of their leisure time to begin an Amazon business. 
  • Difficulty: Amazon is not a complicated business model. Yes, there’s a lot to learn, but you don’t need a degree or a specific education to succeed with Amazon. Simply put, in the hard work and learning along the way. Also, there’s a lot of educational material online via free content or training courses. 

Becoming An Amazon Seller Final Thoughts

With the advantages of becoming an Amazon seller in this article, there are many reasons to join. The combination of the low barrier to entry, ability to scale, trusted brand name, and FBA service means there are many reasons to start today. 

However, when launching an Amazon business registering an LLC is a no-brainer. It protects you from liability issues and improves the financial structure of the company. Here at Business Anywhere, we can help you set up an LLC quickly and for a competitive cost. So what are you waiting for? Register your Amazon business as an LCC and get started on the road to success. 

Also, you should consider registering an LLC here at Business Anywhere to start an Amazon business with a bigger chance of success.

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