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How to Perform a Delaware Business Entity Search

Delaware Business Entity Search

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In the third quarter of 2023, Delaware ranked 45th in economic growth. The state had a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of only 3.2%, which isn’t much compared to Kansas, the #1 state which had a 9.7% GDP growth.

But don’t write off Delaware just yet. The state had a GDP growth of -8.3% in the first quarter, so the drastic increase is quite promising. This makes it a fantastic place to start out if you want to form a business.

Don’t skip to business registration immediately though. Perform a Delaware business entity search to cover your bases. Here’s how to do so.

To perform a state of Delaware business entity search, you’ll use the Delaware Division of Corporations website. It’s a very straightforward site to use, as there are only two search bars.

The first is “Entity name,” where you can type in your desired business name. What’s great is it’s not case-sensitive, so don’t worry about capitalization. If you want an exact search, then use quotation marks around the name.

The other search bar is “File number.”  This is only possible if you have the unique file number associated with a particular entity.

After you click on “Search,” the lower part of the page will show you results if there are any. On the left will be the entities’ file numbers, and on the right will be their names.

To see more details about a company, click on the name. The next page will show its:

  • File number
  • Entity name
  • Entity kind
  • Residency
  • Incorporation date/formation date
  • Entity type
  • State

It’ll also display the registered agent’s information. It shows their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

If you’d like more information about the entity, you can pay $10 to find out its status, or $20 to get more detailed information, such as its current franchise tax assessment and current filing history.

Use a Search Engine

Search engines make a Delaware business search easy to do. You can type in your potential company name alongside “Delaware” to see if anyone has beaten you to the punch. For added peace of mind, you can even search city names.

Just because you don’t find anything doesn’t necessarily mean the name’s free. However, it can point you in the right direction of whether to pursue an idea.

Use Our Business Name Search Tool

You can do a DE business entity search on Business Anywhere’s website. We have a convenient business registration service that gets your company registered in as little as two days. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either.

At the very top, there’s a search bar where you can type in the name of your future business. Select “LLC” or “corporation,” then “Check availability.”

Right away you’ll know if you can use the name. You can also give us your information, and we’ll reach out to discuss further business registration steps.

A Delaware business entity search will tell you if you can go on with business formation, so don’t skip it. A business entity search takes mere minutes, after all.

If your company name is too similar or even identical to another’s, you may face legal troubles in the future, so nip that problem in the bud now. Don’t take shortcuts and do the process due diligence.

Sign up with Business Anywhere now to form an LLC. Our experts will take care of the paperwork for you.

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