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How Amazon Product Customization Adds More Sales

Amazon product customization

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Are you looking for ways to increase the number of sales for your Amazon business? Then consider Amazon product customization to stand out in your marketplace. It’s becoming increasingly more important to offer unique products on Amazon as a higher number of product categories are becoming competitive. 

With 1 in 3 Americans having Amazon Prime memberships, the buying power is strong at the largest e-commerce platform. Therefore, to capitalize on the potential, you need to offer competitive products and customizations should be part of your strategy. 

Continue reading to figure out how Amazon product customization will help you add more sales. 

What Is Amazon Product Customization?

Amazon product customization is the ability for customers to specify what type of product they want to buy based on predefined options. Here’s a summary of the different customization you can add:

  • Color: allowing customers to mix up the color helps target a bigger segment of the market. For example, if you’re selling shirts, then customers may want to choose the color they like to wear. 
  • Size: likewise, offering hosts in different sizes ensures that customers can pick the right one for their body type. However, you may want to have additional stock of the more popular sizes. 
  • Design: some products can come with different designs, and offering the option for customers to choose will lead to more sales. 
  • Technical specifications: when offering products that have varying technical specifications, you can add customizations. This could be different amounts of storage space or screen sizes. 
  • Accessories: you can offer products with added accessories, so customers can buy bundles. This ensures that you can sell more products and increase your revenue. 

What Amazon Product Customizations Should You Add?

Not sure what Amazon product customizations are worth offering? If there are many different colors and sizes selling in your product category, then you can do market research to find the best-selling ones. 

Using Amazon seller software solutions like Helium 10, ZonGuru, and Jungle Scout, you can uncover useful information about your competitors. This includes the number of reviews, monthly revenue, units in stock, and much more. This allows you to figure out the most popular version of a product. 

Furthermore, pay attention to the images your competitors are using in their product photos. For example, if you notice that most competitors are selling a blue version of the product, then perhaps that’s the best-selling option. 

You can sell the same color to ensure you get a share of the sales or try to offer something different by providing an alliterative color. 

Amazon product customization

Best Practices When Adding Amazon Product Customizations

There are a few things you should keep in mind when adding Amazon product customizations to your listings. These best practices ensure that you can get the most sales and avoid any setbacks. 

Supplier Negotiations

Find out what customizations your supplier can provide. If they are unable to offer the range of customization options provided by other sellers, then you may need to switch suppliers to remain competitive. 

Furthermore, ask if your supplier can provide a discount when ordering more customizations to ensure you get the best deal. This will add significantly to your bottom line. 

Inventory Management

When offering Amazon product customizations, it’s important to ensure that you’re in stock for all versions of a product. Therefore, you can offer customers the best shopping experience, since they don’t have to keep checking when a desired product will be in stock. 

Good inventory management includes ordering every customization months in advance so the supplier has enough time to manufacture and transport the goods to the Amazon warehouses. 

Also, you should take advantage of inventory management software to help you see what stock requires recording. Such software usually offers AI-based suggestions for exactly how much stock you need to reorder. 

Add New Customizations

One of the best ways to increase sales is to add something the market has never seen before. Get this right and you may experience a flood of new sales. However, the product customization must be something that customers actually want to buy. 

Therefore, you’ll need to do product research to uncover the new customizations that will have a high sales velocity. You can pay attention to customer reviews or send out an email to your buyers list for their insight. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Adding Amazon Product Customization Options?

Understanding the negatives of adding customizations will help you prepare for them and rescue the impact. Therefore, you can avoid the problems that other sellers have when adding a range of options to their Amazon product listings:

  • Cash flow: since you’ll need to allocate more money toward buying inventory, you may find that cash flow problems arise. This happens because the majority of your cash might be locked up in stock. 
  • Inventory management problems: as you add more customization options, the complexity of your business increases. Hence the chances of making a mistake can also increase. You might order too much of a particular SKU or not enough. 
  • Bad performers: you may find that some of your customization options don’t sell very well. Hence, it can take a long time to get rid of the stock, and this also has a negative effect on your cashflow. 

Final Thoughts on Amazon Product Customization

Adding Amazon product customization is a great idea if your product can sell well with different versions. For some product categories this might not be applicable, while for others there could be a massive opportunity to increase revenue. 

Also, adding more product options is easier than looking for new products to sell. Therefore, if you want to grow your business to new heights, then adding more product variations is the right choice. 

Finally, adding diversity to your business is a good strategy to increase your Amazon business sales price if you want to exit in the future. That’s because business buyers love it when multiple revenue streams are available. 

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