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How to Name Your LLC Like a Pro

how to name your llc

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In 2023, there were over 33.1 million American small businesses. While the proliferation of innovative ideas is fantastic for the economy, it can be tough for individual businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Having excellent products and services is certainly one way to get noticed. But the key to real success is smart marketing, and this starts with a memorable company name.

You might already know what you want to offer consumers, but you might be wondering, “What should I name my LLC?” If that’s the case, then read on to find out how to name your LLC like a pro.

Check LLC Naming Requirements

Before you put your creative hat on, first familiarize yourself with local rules and regulations regarding LLC names. Each state has its own laws, so even if you’ve created an LLC before, if it was in a different state, then you might be dealing with different parameters. 

In general, your company name must include “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation of it, like “LLC” or “L.L.C.” In some places, you can’t use certain restricted words (such as “bank” or “insurance”) or phrases without proper licensing or special permissions, so check with your state. 

Also, it might seem obvious, but your LLC name must be unique from existing business entities in your state, so keep this in mind. As you go through this process, you can use a business name checker, such as the one on our site. If you find a free name, we make it easy for you to proceed with business registration services too, which we offer at affordable rates.


Your LLC name shouldn’t be something random that has nothing to do with what you’re selling. This kind of disconnect is what will lose you customers.

Sit down and brainstorm relevant ideas. Start by considering the core identity, values, and offerings of your business. Then, think about how you want your LLC to be perceived and what message you want the name to convey.

Weigh up whether you’d prefer a descriptive name that indicates your business’s nature or a more abstract, brandable name. For example, if you’re a plumber, you’d go with the former. However, if you’re a yoga instructor, the latter might be a better idea.

General Rules

You’ll want to avoid using your personal name unless you’re a celebrity or your personal brand is well-known. It’s not necessary and can actually be disadvantageous if you ever want to sell or franchise your business.

In addition, don’t use geographic terms. Unless you’re a local business with a brick-and-mortar location, there’s no need to include geographic terms in your LLC name.

Avoid using negative words too. Words like “don’t,” “can’t,” or “won’t” can make your business sound unprofessional or untrustworthy.

Lastly, choose a name that can grow with you. As your business grows, changes, or pivots, you don’t want to be stuck with an LLC name that no longer makes sense. Try to choose a name that’s broad enough to encompass any future products or services you may offer.

Consider Branding and Marketing

Evaluate each potential name in terms of its branding potential and marketability. Consider how well the name resonates with your target audience and whether it effectively communicates your brand identity.

You’ll want to keep things simple, as it’ll be easier for people to remember. Plus, choose words that are easy to pronounce and spell. Doing keyword research wouldn’t hurt either, as you’ll be able to select words that describe what you do, which will help customers find you online.

All these elements combined can enhance brand recognition and draw in customers much faster.

Research Availability

Once you have a few LLC company names down on paper, it’s time to see if they’re even available for the taking.

You can use your state’s business entity database or online tools provided by the Secretary of State. Or as we’ve mentioned before, you can use our name checker as well.

Either way, verify that no other LLC or corporation in your state is already using the name you want. If you’re struggling, pay attention to minor differences in spelling or punctuation, as these can still make a name distinguishable.

Check Domain Availability

Next, search for the availability of the domain name corresponding to your chosen LLC name. 

Even if you’re not planning on creating a website immediately, securing a matching domain name after registering your business can be important for branding consistency and future online presence. So it’s best if you take care of this step and buy up the domain, especially since the cost is very affordable.

Conduct a trademark search to make sure that your chosen LLC name doesn’t infringe on existing trademarks. Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website to check for registered trademarks that may conflict with your potential name. 

Avoid using names that are similar to well-known brands or trademarks. It may be clever in terms of branding and marketing, but it could lead to legal issues down the road.

Check Social Media Handles

Verify the availability of social media handles corresponding to your LLC’s name, such as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Again, consistent branding can help with brand recognition and online marketing efforts. So it’s imperative that you have matching handles across all social media platforms.

Register Your Name

After you’ve confirmed the availability of your preferred name and ensured compliance with all legal requirements, register your LLC name by filing the necessary paperwork with your state’s Secretary of State office. Typically, this is the articles of organization.

You’re not required to register a trademark for your LLC, but it’s recommended that you do so. This can help you protect proprietary information.

Consult With a Professional

Depending on what you pick for your LLC, you may want to consult with a professional. If you’re ever uncertain about any aspect of naming your company, or if you want to ensure full legal compliance, this is a good idea too.

A business attorney can provide guidance on naming requirements, trademark issues, and other legal considerations to help you select the best name for your LLC. The same goes for a professional specializing in business formation, such as Business Anywhere.

That’s How to Name Your LLC

Now you know how to name your LLC, and it’s not a difficult process at all. It may require you to get creative, but you always have fun doing that. After all, it’ll be the name of your pride and joy, and choose carefully.

Once you’ve found potential names, perform the necessary checks to make sure you nab the perfect one while meeting all legal requirements as well. Spending a little time in the selection process will eliminate avoidable problems later on.
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